Ted Cruz: Conservatives will take back the country

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Conservatives will win only IF they stop shooting themselves in the foot!
(Full disclosure: I am an Independent. –Al)

1. Vote for the best Republican candidate for each office.

2. For now, vote Republican regardless of whether he’s right, middle or left leaning. Don’t split votes by voting for an unwinnable candidate.

Don’t vote Democrat, no matter if she is more right-wing than her Republican opponent. (Why? because when push comes to shove they will cave-in to the party. Look at how the Blue-Dog Democrats gave in to Obama after fighting him tooth and nail.)

3. VOTE!!! Don’t stay home because you don’t like the Republicans that are running. That will give the Democrats the win.

Make it easy, vote straight Republican.

4. Advice to Republican Politicians: Fight to win. Do like the Democrats do. No ‘Mr Nice Guy’. This is a war for our Country and our freedom. But don’t lie like they do. Stick to the real issues and give answers that people outside the Government Beltway will understand. Take the offensive.

5. Advice to both voters and Politicians: Don’t get side tracked on any other issues until after the election. No impeaching Obama or suing him. That will only help the Democrats by taking the spotlight. Stick to issues and take your gloves off.

6. For Christians and Jews, I give the following advice because so many Christians, including Pastors and entire churches voted for Obama twice, as did many Jewish people, Rabbis and entire Synagogues!

Look as his track record before running the first time. Many things he believed in and DID was definitely anti-Biblical (Both “Old” and New Testament).
Printer's_Device_of_Johannes_Froben_Snakes+Dove_WMCRemember, in the Holy Scriptures Matthew 10:16, Jesus said to his followers “be as wise as a serpent and gentle as dove.”
Satan was called a Serpent. (Genesis:3:1-5; Revelation:12:9).
Because he was aware, crafty and intelligent.

As per http://www.ucg.org/christian-living/what-do-you-mean-wise-and-harmless/

“To be wise means to be marked by understanding of people and situations, to have keen and unusual discernment, and a capacity for sound judgment in dealing with people and situations. Prudent would also be an appropriate synonym.” (See Proverbs:27:12)

“To discern means to detect with the eyes and with senses other than vision. It also means to read character or motives. We would all do well to have this ability.”
“To be harmless/gentle is to lack the capacity to injure or to be free from inflicting physical or mental damage.”
“Detect and avoid danger, while giving no provocation or offense. Be wise and harmless—always.”

Jesus said to take the best qualities of both creatures and use them to our advantage.

From what I’ve seen in life, is that both Christians and Jews act like blind sheep going to the slaughter.

–Al (Grumpy Old Man)

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