Obama Claims To Know Islam Better Than The Islamic State Chief

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Obama Sneer 3Barack Obama claims the beheading of James Foley is non-Islamic:

So ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. No just god would stand for what they did yesterday.

But Simon Turnill wonders whether Barack Obama really understands Islam better than does the “caliph” of the Islamic State:

A professor, teacher, former educator, recognized preacher, and a graduate of the Islamic University in Baghdad, where he finished his academic studies (BA, MA and PhD). He is known as a preacher and a person of knowledge in Islamic culture, Shariah knowledge, and jurisprudence, and possessing vast knowledge of history and lineage…

He is a man from a religious family. His brothers and uncles include preachers and teachers in Arabic, eloquence and logic. 


When it comes to denialism, Guardian assistant editor Michael White wins the prize:

One widely used [image this month] … was a video screengrab of a bearded young man, Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary from west London. Kitted out in Kevin the Teenage Jihadi uniform, he was boasting about his adventures in Syria while holding a severed head (“Chillin’ with my homie, or what’s left of him”) in one hand…

Yet in that odd way [these images] are as reassuring as they are menacing… But the Kevins, the Barys and their tweets remain rooted in our own world, Pop Idol, the football season, even the death of Robin Williams, and their self-evident silliness shines through the words they glibly utter as clearly as it does through those beards, as obligatory a fashion statement as tattoos or nose-piercing in some quarters. Last year Kevin was into rapping or medical studies, this year jihad, next year back to studying perhaps – if he survives the Nutella-free side of jihad and escapes the attention of the British police at Heathrow or Manchester airport….

And [Islamic State] Baghdadi and his movement are routinely condemned as “evil, corrupt, self-centred and un-Islamic” by leading British Muslims, though not loudly enough to generate media headlines very often….

But for all their threats to stick one on the White House or reopen Turkey’s Atatürk dam (shutting the Euphrates’ water off to both Syria and Iraq lately) by conquering Istanbul, the viewer can’t help but notice how utterly in thrall the Kevins are to so-called “western” technology and behaviour, and how utterly dependant on it they are…

So, let’s tackle Islamic State and Kevin the Canon Fodder; better still let’s encourage well-armed state actors in the region to sort out a fundamentalist problem it helped to create from Saudi and football-loving Qatar. But let’s not over-react, let’s not do some of the brutally counterproductive and brutal things we’ve done in the past. We want the lucky Kevins to survive, to come home for clean underwear, chastened not angry, and keen to go to college.

Will we still be talking about Isis in a year? I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

The Islamic State may be destroyed next year. But we will indeed by talking about some Kevin still, and for many years yet. British Muslims now hacking off heads of American, Iraqi and Syrian blasphemers will not return to Britain merely “chastened not angry”, and the wide-eyed malcontents admiring their work on social media won’t be dreaming of college. Liking Robin Williams does not mean you can’t also kill. Evil is actually banal.

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