Renewable Power Australia – Your Family Is Paying $260 A Year On Useless Green Power

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

20120510_wind_farm_retangularThe green energy industry has not just wasted a grotesque amount of the public’s money. It has done this without making the slightest difference to the climate:

Alan Moran on the renewable energy target, which forces us to use wind and solar power:

[T]wo studies of the RET have independently placed its net present value cost at $29-$37 billion.  Even if it were closed today its costs would be $6-$16 depending on the assumptions…

In terms of the direct impact on electricity consumers, the burden of renewable requirements this year is estimated by the energy regulator to add 12 per cent to the average household’s electricity costs. That’s about $260 per year.

That is $260 a year paid by the average family to keep green carpetbaggers in business with no benefit at all to the environment.


Senator Matt Canavan on the great green rort:

Last week, the nation was gripped by the spectacle of a “regressive” fuel tax that would cost the average consumer $20 a year. The same people who pillory the Treasurer for indexing fuel excise argue for a RET more than twice as costly. At least fuel excise will help build roads, whereas the RET doesn’t make electricity more reliable or powerful, it just makes pensioners and the poor go without heating or airconditioning to subsidise the lucky few with the resources to invest in the latest fad: renewables.

The RET is an extremely expensive form of emission reductions, between double and six times the cost of the carbon tax.

And it doesn’t stop there. The big losers from the RET are those industries that use lots of energy, such as aluminium and fertiliser producers. Some economic modelling finds that the RET will lead to 5000 fewer jobs.

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