[Video] Andrew Klavan: Thanks, Christian White Men!

Posted on Fri 08/15/2014 by


With “Thanks, Christian White Men!” Andrew Klavan once again hits the nail on the head. He has been taking the fight to our liberal friends and colleagues in a humorous, but factual, manner for quite some time and he’s definitely not afraid to tell it like it is while doing so.

As a society, and as a culture, we have become so constrained by the chains of political correctness and endlessly cowed by the various isms of the liberal ideology that we have forgotten our own history and lost the ability to discern historical fact from fiction. The endless self-shaming that men, Christians, and all those cursed with skin of a slighter lighter hue are now expected to feel and display has become part and parcel of a college education and even, to a great and growing extent, of popular culture.

If one does not properly express perpetual apologies and hang his head in shame for causing all the worlds problems from shrinking polar bear genitalia to global warming to income inequality to sexism and racism wherever it exists, then one is actually a bigot, misogynist, and Neanderthal who might quickly find himself branded as such in public or crucified by the media. Failing to ask forgiveness for the perceived past sins of ones race, gender, or particular theological leanings can bring about thorough condemnation and is seen in and of itself as a deadly sin and one that our Progressive overlords are not quick to forgive.

There is a bit of truth in the saying that there is no more vilified minority in the modern age than the Christian white male. It’s ok, you can admit it. We know. Whether this phenomenon is due to a twisted understanding of history, simple envy, subconscious liberal self-loathing, or just the need to tear down ‘the other’ is hard to say and could be endlessly debated.

So kudos to Mr. Klavan for taking the “bold” step of stating that maybe Christian white men are not the boogeymen they are constantly portrayed as, but instead maybe did indeed do us all a favor by creating Western Civilization and all the resulting wealth, freedoms, and liberties it has bestowed upon countless millions as well as the amazing technological, industrial, medical, and informational advances it has provided to the world. Christian white men have not held us back; they have instead helped lead the way.

And as a Christian white male, I too would like to say “you’re welcome.”