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Today’s music video is She’s Got You, sung here in this clip by the American Country Music singer Patsy Cline.

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Over the years I have been adding these music clips every Sunday morning, I’ve mentioned that we usually begin our own appreciation of music around the time we start High School, so around the age of twelve or thirteen. Once our own music identification begins, the music from that time onwards becomes our own personal music era, the music we then grow to love. Because of that, we’re sometimes not all that appreciative of the music our parents grew to love during the time when they started to appreciate music as part of their lives. It’s not trendy to like the music from your parents era when you are discussing music with your friends the same age as you, as that love of music begins.

However, as I mentioned last week, the music from our parents era is also a large part of our lives, without us probably even realising it. How many times have you heard a song from the time before your own music started, and you’ve just loved that song. It’s not part of your own era, and more often than not, you don’t even stop to think about it. It’s a song from way back, so probably you don’t hear it all that often, in fact probably very rarely at all, and yet whenever it is played, you stop and listen.

Before you reach that age when music does become part and parcel of your own life, there were probably more important things for a young child to be doing, so you never formed a love of that particular song.

Those early songs were, more often than not, favourites of our parents, and they were songs from their lives, so they were probably quite frequently played, either on the radio, as is more likely the case, or on those old stereo radio gram sets that Mum and Dad had in those lowboy cabinets with the record stackers in them, you know, the ones you weren’t allowed to touch as a child.

Without your even realising it, that song has crept its way into your subconscious, and many years later, in fact probably all through your life, that song is always there, and every time it’s played, however rarely, you immediately recognise it as an old favourite. You don’t even stop to think about it, that the song was a hit long before the time of your own music.

When you do stop and think about it, it’s puzzling, because knowing the age of the song, you suddenly realise it was long before your time, so why is that you like the song so much. It probably doesn’t even need to have been a hit on the radio, and in my case, some of those old songs are even obscure songs, that hardly ever rated airplay on the radio.

Also, living here in Australia, as I do, more often than not, songs which were big hits in the U.S. were not really big hits here in Australia.

Such is the case with the song I have featured today. It’s from 1962, when I was only 10 or 11 years old, so music was not part of my thinking at all, and yet I just love this old song.PatsyClineShe'sGotYou

It’s from Patsy Cline, and in fact, when I started my own appreciation of music, Patsy Cline had already very sadly passed away, so at the time my love of music began, Patsy Cline was long gone.

And yet, every time I hear this song, it’s another of them which makes me stop and listen.

Patsy Cline, tragically taken at such a relatively young age, and at the absolute peak of her career, paved the way for all those Country singers who came later.

She led the way for female Country singers who crossed over into mainstream music, with a string of hits from 1961 until her passing in 1963. She had an earlier hit which crossed over, back in 1957 with Walkin’ After Midnight, which crossed over into the Top Ten of Mainstream charts, but peaking at Number Two on the main Country Chart. While her singing and performing career after that initial hit was solid, it all started to skyrocket in 1961 with the legendary hit I Fall To Pieces, a huge Number One on the Country Chart, and crossing over into the Top Ten on the mainstream chart. This was followed by the huge hit Crazy, written by Willie Nelson. While not the Number One Country hit the previous song was, this was probably her biggest and most recognised hit, as it went into the Top Ten on the Mainstream chart.

This was followed by the song featured today, which was again, a Number One on Country Charts, but not as big as Crazy was on the mainstream chart.

It was written by Hank Cochran, and while seemingly not as big as the earlier two songs, it was an important song for Patsy, as it became her first hit in the UK. Now, probably because of that, it started to become popular here in Australia, as we mostly followed the UK when it came to music.

After the first of these string of three major hits, Patsy was involved in a major car accident, and was very badly injured. She had a major head wound, and from that time onwards, she nearly always performed with a wig and a headband/scarf covering that scalp wound.

The clip I have selected for today is the studio version of the song, mainly because this version has better arranging and backing music, while some live clips of the song lack some of the depth of sound a studio version can have. One of the live versions of this song is at this link, and you’ll see what I mean, and also note the headband she is wearing here.

Following her tragic passing, her songs started to be covered by a number of artists, something still happening to this day. The featured song for today was covered by Loretta Lynn in 1978 in her tribute to Patsy album, and this song again became a huge Number One hit on the Country Charts.

In 1973, Patsy Cline became the first female solo artist inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame, only ten years after her passing.

She may have seemed to be a shooting star at the time, but her legacy lives on to this very day, with such wonderful songs which richly form part of our own lives, even if we don’t realise it.

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