Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Pushing For Tougher International Action On Russia Over Ukraine

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was the first leader to directly link the downing of MH17 to Russian aggression in Ukraine:

In an apparent swipe at Russia, Mr Abbott also told parliament: ”The bullying of small countries by big ones, the trampling of justice and decency in the pursuit of national aggrandisement, and reckless indifference to human life should have no place in our world.”

Barack Obama followed suit – demanding Europe be tougher on Russia (tougher, that is, that the US has been):

“This certainly will be a wake-up call for Europe and the world that there are consequences to an escalating conflict in eastern Ukraine; that it is not going to be localized, it is not going to be contained,” Obama told reporters.

The Dutch now harden up their stance against Russia – a little:

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte … ”agreed that the EU will need to reconsider its approach to Russia in light of evidence that pro-Russian separatists brought down the plane,” according to a statement from the U.K. government…

“I am shocked by footage of completely disrespectful behavior on this tragic site,” Rutte said at a press conference in The Hague today. “Against all rules of a careful investigation, it turns out there are people messing with personal and recognizable possessions of victims.”

It’s also grave that the investigation is hindered by pro-Russian rebels, Rutte said, even after Russian President Vladimir Putin had promised to fully cooperate in ensuring unfettered access to the area.

“I just had a very intense telephone conversation with the Russian president and told him he is running out of chances to show the world he means that he wants to help,” Rutte said… Rutte said his views are shared by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott…

Getting the West to stand up to Russia is now part of the Government’s diplomatic push.

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