Mexico Stops One U.S. Marine, But Not 50,000 Children?

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Lou Barletta  Press Release


– Senior Border Patrol Agent: Foreign Governments Complicit in Crisis –

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Rep. Barletta in Homeland Security Committee field hearing

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McALLEN, TEXAS – Congressman Lou Barletta, PA-11, today elicited an alarming evaluation of the crisis of unaccompanied minors at the border from a senior Border Patrol agent during a special field hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee.  Kevin Oaks, Chief Patrol Agent for the Rio Grande Valley Sector, said “there is some complicity” by foreign governments in helping to cause the emergency.  Barletta also noted that Mexican authorities were able to apprehend U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who is accused of illegally crossing into Mexico with firearms, yet somehow missed more than 50,000 children crossing northward into the United States.

“There’s currently an American military man sitting in a Mexican prison for illegally crossing the border,” Barletta said, holding up images of children clinging to the roofs of trains in their journey across the border into the United States.  “It doesn’t seem like these people were very hard to find coming through Mexico illegally.”

 Barletta asked Oaks if Border Patrol agents question people entering the country illegally about whether they obtained any assistance from foreign governments in entering the United States.

 “Do we believe the Mexican government is facilitating this at all?” Barletta asked.  “If one man can’t cross the border from America, how could 50,000 children cross the Mexican land undetected?”

“I would concur with that,” Oaks said.  “There is some complicity that you’ll find in Mexico and Central America.”

 Barletta said more focus should be put on the nations that are encouraging the migration, such as Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico.

  “But this all becomes America’s problem,” Barletta said.  “Why aren’t we going to the root of the problem?  And what’s their responsibility, now that this has become America’s problem?”

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