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“[E]very man, conducting himself as a good citizen, and being accountable to God alone for his religious opinions, ought to be protected in worshipping the Deity according to the dictates of his own conscience.” –George Washington, letter to the General Committee of the United Baptist Churches in Virginia, 1789


Hobby Lobby Wins

In a win for religious liberty, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that ObamaCare’s mandate forcing employers to fund contraception against their conscience is unconstitutional. It was a limited ruling, however, in that it affects only “closely held corporations” as opposed to publicly owned ones. Predictably, the decision was 5-4. Leftists will be quick to lament our return to the Victorian era, but it was only 2012 when this coercion did not yet exist. The Associated Press couldn’t help but lament the decision “means the Obama administration must search for a different way of providing free contraception to women who are covered under objecting companies’ health insurance plans.” This just in: Nothing is free. Leftists outside the Court building chanted “birth control is not my boss’s business” – and yet they insist their boss pay for their birth control. The marvels of liberal “logic.” Fortunately, five justices saw reason. More…

Obama: ‘Wah, Wah, Wah’

Barack Obama cranked his patronizing nonsense dial to eleven to slather thick globs of condescension against congressional Republicans. Obama said he was “happy to share the credit” for all his leftist agenda items like minimum wage and immigration. But those Republicans, “They don’t do anything except block me and call me names,” Obama complained. “It can’t be that much fun. It would be so much more fun if they said, ‘Let’s do something together.’ If they were more interested in growing the economy for you and the issues that you are talking about instead of trying to mess with me, then we would be doing a lot better. That’s what make this country great, when we work together. That is the American way.” He grows more patronizing by the day. The “American way,” as practiced by Obama, involves disregarding Rule of Law and the Constitution, and Republicans are right to slow him down. But at least he’s having fun, because that’s the point of politics, apparently.

Checking His Background

Once again harping on “gun violence,” Barack Obama laid out his gun-grabbing agenda. “This is the only advanced country that tolerates something like this. We have, what’s basically a mass shooting, it seems like happening once every couple of weeks: kids on college campuses, kids at home,” he said. “And we’re not going to be able to eliminate all of that violence, and there’s a strong tradition of gun ownership, wonderful folks who are sportsmen and hunters, and I respect all that. But we should be able to take some basic, common sense steps that are, by the way, supported by most responsible gun owners. Like having background checks so you can’t just walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic.” Background checks have been required for all guns purchased at retail stores since 1993. What he’d really like to see is the last part of his sentence: “You can’t just walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic.”

Biggest Development Since 9/11

On the eve of Ramadan, The Islamic State of Syria and the Levant announced its supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is no longer the leader of ISIL, but the caliph of Muslims everywhere. Henceforth, al-Baghdadi will be called “Caliph Ibrahim” and ISIL is now simply called “The Islamic State,” according to the group. A caliph is regarded as the spiritual and political descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. ISIL is aligned with Sunni Muslims, who have not had a caliph since the Ottoman Empire. Charles Lister, visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution in Doha, told AFP the formation of the Caliphate is “the biggest development in international jihad since September 11, [2001]. It could mark the birth of a new era of transnational jihadism … and that poses a real danger to al-Qaida and its leadership.” Meanwhile, the Shiite-led Iraqi government launched a counteroffensive against ISIL in Tikrit and Mosul, and received help from Russia to the tune of 25 fighter jets – as Obama waits. More…

Lerner ‘Upset’ Over Emails

The attorney for former IRS official Lois Lerner, William Taylor, said Republicans are targeting his client because it’s “convenient” and it’s just “election-year politics.” Taylor told CNN Lerner went into work one day to see her computer showing the blue screen of death. “She was as upset as anybody else was about the loss of the emails,” Taylor insisted. “The truth is this was one of those things that happened – at the time she did everything she could to retrieve it. She reported it right away and that’s the story – that’s all there is to it.” At the time, yes, Lerner was probably upset. But as Republicans started to investigate abuses of power, as Lerner invoked the Fifth Amendment, the computer crash was very, very convenient. Perhaps a little too convenient. If Lerner was serious about showing transparency, we would know what happened in the IRS. More…

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All Net Job Gains Since 2000 Went to Immigrants

Looking for work

If you carry the perception that immigrants are coming here to take American jobs, you may be right. A study by the Center for Immigration Studies claims that, in net terms, the entirety (and then some) of the overall employment increase since 2000 has been taken up by immigrants, with native-born Americans suffering a small overall job loss.

Obviously, the study isn’t claiming this happened on an individual case-by-case basis, since millions of native-born workers have come into the workforce over the last 14 years while some immigrants remain unemployed. But the study, which comes from a group portrayed by the Left as a “false-fact think tank,” was intended to prove that claims made by amnesty proponents that there is an American labor shortage are demonstrably false.

CIS goes on to argue the old mantra that immigrants do the jobs Americans won’t do is also untrue. “Immigrants have made gains across the labor market in lower-, middle- and higher-skilled jobs,” write study authors Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler. “Thus the idea that there are jobs Americans don’t do is simply not supported by the data.”

Congressional opponents of amnesty see the study as bolstering their case. “President Obama and congressional Democrats … remain focused on the demands of activist CEOs who want new labor at the lowest price,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL). “Republicans must sever themselves from these demands and present themselves to the American public as the one party focused on everyday working people.”

Once thought to be on a fast track to success before the midterm elections, immigration reform has been slowed to a halt thanks in part to the primary defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) by an amnesty opponent and the surge in undocumented children straining resources at the southern border. That issue has come to light as the number of unaccompanied minors has skyrocketed from about 8,000 annually to at least 90,000 apprehended this year.

That surge has prompted the White House to seek $2 billion in “emergency funds” to toughen border security. The Obama administration will officially notify Congress Monday, but it remains to be seen if common ground can be found.

With midterm elections looming, the advice from Sen. Sessions is sound: “The sensible, conservative, fair thing to do after 40 years of record immigration is to slow down a bit, allow assimilation to occur, allow wages to rise, and to help workers of all backgrounds rise together into the middle class.” That may be a bitter pill for groups like the Chamber of Commerce to swallow, but until our “many” again start becoming “one” – E Pluribus Unum – the go-slow approach with enhanced border security is the most prudent for our republic.

The Troubling Militarization of Police

Police officers around the nation do laudable work to ensure the safety of the American public. From an age gone by – Mayberry of the 50s comes to mind – police have often been a visible sign of peace and security. It’s why they are often referred to as peace officers. Yet in recent years, police departments around the nation have been the recipients of vast amounts of retired military equipment, which is part of a troubling trend of militarization of law enforcement.

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The Gipper: “The glistening hope of that lamp is still ours. Every promise every opportunity is still golden in this land. And through that golden door our children can walk into tomorrow with the knowledge that no one can be denied the promise that is America.”

Columnist Arnold Ahlert: “Obama [recently] phoned [Mexican President Enrique Pena] Nieto to talk about ‘working together to return the children safely to their families and to build Central American capacity to receive returned individuals’ because the nations had a ‘shared responsibility for promoting security in both countries and in the region.’ That very same week, the White House held a ‘Champions of Change’ ceremony honoring 10 illegal activists who received temporary amnesty under DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals]. … The gamesmanship being perpetrated by the Obama administration and its willing accomplices is appalling, and the genuine humanitarian crisis here is the one being endured by an American public, treated as nothing more than an annoying impediment to an agenda utterly inimical to their economic, legal and cultural interests. Make no mistake: this isn’t what amnesty looks like; this is what amnesty is.”

Columnist Peggy Noonan: “As for [Hillary Clinton’s] book, it is actually the first I have encountered that was written so a politician could say, ‘I wrote about this at length in my book.’ It exists to offer a template for various narratives and allow her to suggest she’s already well covered the issue at hand, which the interviewer would know if he were better informed. … Why do Democratic politicians talk like this about themselves, putting themselves and their drama at the ego-filled center, instead of policy ideas, larger meanings, the actual state of the country? In this she is just like Barack Obama.”

Frank J. Fleming: “There are lots of ways to pay for birth control; there aren’t lots of ways to have religious freedom.”

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