Blame Islam Before Blaming The West

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

IslamicExtremistsThe blame game over Iraq — Bush’s fault? Obama’s? — should not blind us to the real cause of the mayhem.

It isn’t the West. What we see in Iraq are Muslims killing Muslims and in the name of Islam.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria now running amok in Iraq this week released a propaganda video that not only glories in showing terrorists shooting and decapitating unarmed prisoners but also in making some dig their own graves.

It also shows an ISIS commander warning, “tyrants and infidels everywhere” with a quotation from the Koran: “There has started between us and us a hostility and hatred for ever until you believe in Allah alone …

“We come to you with slaughter.”

The commander then draws a knife and shouts: “By Allah the great we will cleanse Arabia of you, you defiled ones … Rome will be conquered and Andalusia (Spain) retained.”

True, few Muslims would support this reading of the Koran or the horror unleashed by ISIS.

Yet it is also true the Koran is so inflammatory that it is quoted by an incredible range of Islamist terrorist groups to justify violence and tyranny.

Islam, not the West, is the problem.

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