Renewable Power Australia – Solar Promise Fried

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Rooftop Solar Panels300I don’t wish embarrassment on the Australian Government Environment Minister, the very nice Greg Hunt, but I am very grateful that the tap is finally being turned off the great global warming waste:

Mr Hunt took his colleagues by surprise when he announced to an industry gathering last November that the Coalition was committed to its $500 million ‘’1 Million Solar Roofs’’ program….

But Mr Hunt’s ‘’shining beacon’’, a leftover from the 2010 election campaign, had not been approved by Prime Minister Tony Abbott or his top economic ministers …

In his presentation to the Clean Energy Council on November 29 last year, the Environment Minister declared: ‘’The government will provide $500 million for the 1 Million Solar Roofs program. And a further $50 million each,’’ he added, would be given to ‘’the Solar Towns and Solar Schools programs’’…

Mr Hunt was ultimately forced to abandon all but $2 million of his $600 million in promised policies.

The 2014-15 budget allocated no money for solar roofs and nothing for solar schools. Just $2.1 million was given to the solar towns policy despite Mr Hunt promising $50 million in November.


Plain sense said plainly:

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has visited the energy capital of the USA to insist he does not want the battle against climate change to limit the use of any type of fuel.

Promoting his plan to scrap the carbon tax in front of an audience of energy executives in Houston, Texas, Mr Abbott said he wanted Australia to become a centre of cheap energy…

“Affordable, reliable energy fuels enterprise and drives employment,” Mr Abbott said…

“For many decades at least coal will continue to fuel human progress as an affordable, dependable energy source for wealthy and developing countries alike.”

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