CAIR Officials Question if Fallen American Soldiers Merit Memorial Day – Video

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By ACT! for America ~ 

On Memorial Day, CAIR officials Zahra Biloo and Dawud Walid questioned whether fallen US troops should be honored by Memorial Day. Biloo even said that she “struggles with Memorial Day every year”. Walid asked “should that person be honored?” in his tweet.

  • This is completely UNBELIEVABLE!!!    Hey, Obama and lackeys, does this suit your agenda?
  •  Now, people of America, what are YOU going to do about this?  
  •  Don’t believe the lies of the operatives from CAIR or anyone from any of the Jihadist organizations that operate in this country or their sympathizers. CAIR believes in and supports Muslim Terrorists in their wars against innocent people, Christians, Jews and anyone else who stands in the way of their Sharia Law and their desire for world domination.
  •  Lies to mislead the unsuspecting is part and parcel of their devious methods.
  • Personally I do not want to honor the EVIL Scums responsible for 9-11-2001. Do you?       —Al

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