Rant & Raves of this #rsd #crps #chronicpain #warrior Disabled Veteran

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Sadly these words are so very true…

even if you are not usually into Hip Hop please listen to these words of truth in this fine, fellow Veterans video.



 #My Veteran

Veteran Theme Song- “Why”

Why do twenty-three Veterans kill themselves a day?

When money comes first…over veterans lives

This is a national disgrace but our area is a prime example

You know the corrupt is in control…when undocumented are breeding in rental properties

As veterans live on the streets and underneath bridges

A long time empty building in Pittston Township remains empty, while it is the perfect location for a Veterans cooking school…

Township refers Veterans to the Industrial area overrun by the employed undocumented peons of corrupt cronies

Continue to isolate Veterans…the money says they have no credibility, no life, and no reason to be here in our life of greed, profit, & cronyism where the corrupt rule!

Veterans are returning home with #RSD and don’t even know they have it, and many in both law enforcement, and medical personal have no clue what it is. Then comes the pills, the many pills… the legal VA drug cocktail and eventually…

Tasered, beaten, thrown to ground, and dragged on the dirt like road kill.  . .    With bogus false charges and no Veterans Court here in corrupt Luzerne County home of the “kids for cash” where children are the cash commodity!

Yes, this is a national disgrace all across the USA when the States, the counties, the Cities, Townships, and Boroughs kiss the asses of undocumented & spend more tax funds on illegal aliens than Veterans!

Where is justice for the abused disabled Veterans in pain?

While they are asked, with all that has happened to you, why haven’t you killed yourself yet? 

Beware of the few sociopaths out and about in today’s society, which understand the vulnerability and easy pickings of a veteran in distress. To use and abuse a veteran or anyone for that matter, for self-gain is beyond reprehensible.  

On this Memorial Day weekend as we honor our brave heroes who died defending our Freedoms, please let us remember that Freedom Isn’t Free!