Should Christians Support Israel?

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This is an excellent article for those searching for the truth in today’s ‘muddy’ issues. I couldn’t stop once I started reading.

…As always, there are dedicated and godly believers on both sides of these issues and our posture must always remain respectful in spite of deeply-held differences. However, we must also be honest with one another.

I usually try to remain positive and to keep the dialogue constructive, but this is becoming increasingly difficult. There are a growing number of untruths being promoted in the debate, and I am sorry to say that the rhetoric is also becoming harsher in tone.

This is why I want to take a moment and try and shed more light than heat on five of these critical untruths in the hopes that our dialogue will remain friendly, although it may be passionate. We must seek the truth and always treat each other in a way that honors the Lord. This can only happen when we respond to one another in love and clarity.

The following questions needs to be understood before giving support for one group or another.

  • Do Christians who love Israel not care about Arabs, Muslim or Palestinians?
  • Do Christians who believe that modern Israel is the fulfillment of prophecy believe that the government of Israel “can do no wrong”?
  • Do Christians Who Believe the Land Belongs to the Jewish People Unfairly Favor the Jewish People Over the Palestinians?
  • Do Jewish people not yet have a right to the Land because they have not recognized Jesus as Messiah?
  • Have Jewish people lost their election and right to the land when they rejected Jesus?

Find the answers to these questions and more.

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