Australian Politics – Even In Death, Labor And The Greens Can’t Be Split

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Yesterday, here in Australia, State elections were held in two States. In Tasmania, the Government changed, as the leftist coalition between The Australian Labor Party and The Greens Party of Australia was swept from office in a landslide loss, replaced by a government to be formed by The Liberal Party, which here in Australia is the major political party from the Conservative side of politics. This former tight coalition of parties from the left has led Tasmania to a position where the State is almost a basket case. This result ends 16 years of Government by the Left. In defeat both party leaders still thought that they were doing the right thing…..TonyfromOz.

australia-tasmaniaThe only good thing about the concession speech of Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings – other than the tribute to winner Will Hodgman‘s parents – was that its incredible length spared me one quarter of the pain of watching Richmond lose.

The only fun in Greens leader Nick McKim‘s almost equally mammoth effort was watching him interrupt his blowhard triumphalism and defiance to admit that, actually, he’d just lost a third of the party’s vote.

Really, the level of denial was spectacular, especially from Labor. Note that Labor lost in a landslide largely because it had formed a disastrous alliance with the Greens which led it to do dumb things such as lock up forests and kill lots of jobs. But the old Labor-Greens tango keeps going even after the music stops:

“I would say to Will Hodgman `do not tear up the Tasmanian forestry agreement’,” Ms Giddings said on Saturday night…

Mr McKim had a similar message to Greens supporters at Hobart’s official election tally room…

“Don’t take us back to war.”

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