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Today’s music video is Dust On My Saddle, sung here in this clip by the American soft rock duo Seals And Crofts.

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I can probably say with some assurance that very few, if any, people have heard this song I have featured for today.

I have quite a large collection of vinyl Long Play Records, and most of those I purchased during the late 60’s and early 70’s. In those days Long Play albums cost $5.00 each, so, rather than just buy them all, which would have become a very costly exercise, the ones I did end up buying with my own money were the ones I really thought would interest me.

There were two things that I came to rely upon here, because without actually listening to the whole album, that purchase was sometimes done with the knowledge of perhaps one song on the album which did receive airplay, usually the Single lifted for just that purpose, radio airplay, or a judgement made solely upon the artist or band, you know, if you like the singer or the band, then (mostly) anything they brought out was something you might like.

The first thing I came to rely upon was the guy who owned the small record shop I frequented over many years, usually every second Friday afternoon for an hour or so. He came to know my tastes really well, and he would direct me to anything new that he thought I might like. More often then not, I would follow his encouraging, and again, more often than not, I ended up liking the album, and there were a large number of albums that I probably would not have been aware of had it not been for his recommendation. I really cannot recall an album he recommended that I did not like.

The second thing I came to rely upon was a personal thing. More often than not, I found that there was a song, and sometimes more than one or even two on that album that I liked better than the one or two which were lifted for Single release.

Such was the case with this album brought out by possibly an obscure soft rock duo who only had three relatively large hits, and even then, only Top Five hits, as they never did have a Number One hit, or even a Number One Album.

James Seals and Darrel Crofts, better known as Jim Seals and Dash Crofts, or just by their surnames, Seals and Crofts, were popular for a few years in the early 70’s although they were actually around for almost 11 years. They had their first hit in 1972 with their International hit Summer Breeze, lifted from their fourth album with the same name as for the Single, and this was just another case of working at the music for a number of years before becoming what was termed an overnight success.

Now relatively popular, their fifth album was Diamond Girl, and the Single from that album had the same title, and turned out to be their biggest hit, not only in the U.S. but Internationally as well. On the back of that popularity a second single was lifted from the same album,  this one titled We May Never Pass This Way Again, which was also a pretty big hit, more so here in Australia than in the U.S.

The album was released at around the same time as the first single and a couple of days after its release, it was recommended to me by the record shop owner. I knew of Seals and Crofts from their first Single which I only ever heard on the radio, not enough to make me want to actually go out and buy the album, but a song I though of as, well, okay, I guess.

However, this album I really did like, not only for the two songs which did become hits, but also for this quirky little cowboy song for want of a better description.

The song is titled Dust On My Saddle, and I can honestly say I have never heard it played anywhere else other than on my record player.

It tells the story of a misunderstanding, the end result of a card game, and how the singer mistakenly believes he would get the blame for the shooting. It details his itinerant lifestyle from that point for six years or so, while still thinking he is being chased by the Law, a typical case of a man on the run.

When finally cornered he resigns himself to his fate, only to hear that they were not after him at all, as the real culprit was almost immediately captured.

It’s an obscure song, and another of those I have come to like, songs other than the main hits that were played on the radio from the album.

Seals and Crofts didn’t have another hit after this album, but they had a good career in the music industry up until the early 80’s.

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