Climate Change Australia – CSIRO: Fewer Than 50 Per Cent Of Australians Believe We’re Heating The Planet

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Australia’s CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) buries the startling lead in reporting its latest survey of Australians’ attitudes to climate change:


Survey respondents were asked to rate which of a series of statements best described their thoughts about the causes of climate change (Figure 2). The large majority thought climate change was happening (86.1%), but more considered it a result of human activity (47.3%) rather than solely the result of natural temperature variability (38.8%). Only 7.6% thought it was not happening at all.

Bottom line: fewer than half the Australians surveyed think humans are changing the climate.

PS: Why is the CSIRO conducting surveys into attitudes to climate change? How does this advance scientific knowledge?


Reader give us good government:

Once again, they fail to ask the key question – if those who think climate change is happening, and humans are causing it, how many think that the warming will be catastrophic? After all, THAT is the premise by which we’re being asked to fork over $billions of our hard-earned tax dollars to ‘stop’ warming, and hence forego new schools, hospitals, etc.

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