Climate Change Australia – Herald Acts Astonished By Rising Scepticism

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Peter Hannam seems surprised that his paper’s scaremongering isn’t working:

Australians rank climate change well down on their list of concerns, even though most believe temperatures where they live will rise, according to an annual survey of attitudes by the CSIRO.

On a list of 16 issues ranging from health and cost of living to terrorism and drug problems, climate change came in at just 14th.

Gosh, what could have caused that? Much furrowing of brows:

Zoe Leviston, a social psychologist at CSIRO and lead author of the survey, said the ranking was “surprisingly low”, … [and] may reflect people turning off the issue because it had become so politicised, artificially pulling the ranking down.

The scepticism is just artificial, caused by a “politicised” debate?

Give us a break. The most obvious reasons are the glaringly obvious one this article refuses to even mention – that, as so many scientists now concede, global temperatures have actually not risen for 16 years, cyclones have not got worse, total sea ice has not declined, the Arctic ice cap hasn’t vanished, dam-filling rains haven’t ended, crops have not shrunk, snow has not stopped, droughts world-wide have not increased, floods haven’t worsened….

Why did Hannan omit a single example of so many alarmist predictions proving false? Surely that startling record of dud predictions, many promoted by the Herald itself, explains the public’s scepticism?

Instead, Hannam tortures the data to hide the 16-year plateau of global temperatures:

The World Meteorological Organisation declared on Tuesday that 2013 was the world’s sixth-warmest on record. Last year was also Australia’s warmest in a century of records, the Bureau of Meteorology said last month.

Thirteen of the 14 warmest years since instrumental records began in 1850 have occurred this century, with 2005 and 2010 the equal warmest, and 1998, a strong El Nino year, was the third warmest, the WMO said.

Which is a transparent attempt to avoid admitting this:


Not reporting but propagandising.


Good question from reader amf:

“Zoe Leviston, a social psychologist at CSIRO”. The ‘S’ in CSIRO used to stand for scientific

Why has the CSIRO become so debased that it is conducting surveys instead of doing the hard science it was renowned for?

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