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Today’s music video is Crimson And Clover, sung here in this clip by the American rock band Tommy James And The Shondells.

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TommyJamesShondellsCrimsonAndCloverThere was a certain joy about being in the Air Force in the late 60’s and early 70’s. My appreciation of nearly all forms of music started in the early to mid 60’s and there was just so much good music around at that time. When I was in the Air Force, I was surrounded by young men basically the same age as me, and also just beginning to appreciate music.

So, even though the only daily access we had to music was via the radio, there was always someone playing music on their record player at nights and on weekends, so there was always such a vast amount of music around us at all times. While there was a solid core of what we all seemed to like the most, there was always other music that some people liked, so our/my access to music expanded.

When I finally made it out to a flying Squadron, there were parties virtually every Saturday night, and as always seemed to be the case there was music playing all the time at these parties, usually loud music too. At those parties, the music was always somebody’s records, so, while I had the beginnings of my own collection, there was always new music to listen to.

This song was a big hit here in Australia, as it was in most places in late 1968, early 69. I liked it at the time, but it wasn’t something that spurred me to think of the band as one whose music I would collect by buying the LP.

I was at one of those ubiquitous parties in 1972, more than three years after this was a hit. The music was playing in the background and this song came on after a short break as someone changed the record. I was doing something else, and after a couple of minutes or so, something alerted me to listen more closely, because this was not the version I had become used to from hearing it so regularly on the radio. I made my way to the record player and picked up the album. I knew that sometimes there were songs which had a short version for radio play, and sometimes a longer version which was on the album. This was the case with this song, and it was something I was not aware of, after so many years from hearing it as a hit song on the radio.

I liked this longer version of the song, and more in fact than I liked the original Single.

Recorded by Tommy James And The Shondells in 1968, it became a hit, almost before the song was actually finished, as Tommy James ran it by a DJ at a local radio station and they played it before the Single had even been pressed. The radio station received a number of calls asking to play the song again, so a Single was hurriedly pressed and released, and it became a huge hit for the band.

Tommy James and the band really wanted to do a longer version of the song and this is the result, a full 2 minutes longer than the original Single release.

This is probably one of the best songs which represent what became known as Psychedelic Rock. It sold more than 5 million copies, and was a Number One smash hit virtually everywhere it was released.

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