Who’s Mis-Spending Our Money? Why?

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~ PA Penn Dot Highway Funds Not Released Yet But Already Spent ~

ImageTalk with truckers and you hear Pennsylvania has the worst roads in the nation. Talk with most drivers in Pennsylvania, and they will say our roads are deplorable. Talk to anyone with a bad back, or #RSD #chronic pain sufferings, as each crack, and pothole bump in the roads are agonizingly painful, while just trying to get to a grocery store.  How many residents in small towns in NEPA can look out their window at potholes the size of craters which could hold Lake Michigan?  in Duryea, PA!
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We really should talk with the folks here who damaged their vehicles in the hole pictured above, when it opened up on I-81 in Pittston Township, no less. Good folks just driving along and now have a big auto repair bill because of the locally traveled roads huge problems. Funding, again going to fix our highways which we already paid for and should be in good condition.  What about the local town roads we use every day?  This morning on the way to the W-B VAMC sitting on the support of an electric wheelchair, which was bolted down inside the sturdy ambulance, the bumps on the road in Pittston Township by Coco  Cola plant, the jolt hurt so bad I embarrassingly groaned out loud,  making the nice lady driver sad. The roads are bad, and if someone on your street doesn’t know someone, your damn street NEVER gets paved, just cold patched with pot hole black crap, which ends up being tracked inside the homes flooring. Hard to type with one finger when you hurt all over #RSD #chronicpain keeps me off computer but I try to get back soon, and would appreciate to read some comments.  J

Billions of Pennsylvania highway tax dollars to be spent on Highway construction projects squandered by corrupt criminals. Again we finally get roadway transportation funding to fix the roads, roads which should in reality already be in good condition, and the funding money and grants are not even released yet but  are going to nasty cronies such as this JD custom pool snowplower because he is locate on S Main ST in Pittston. Yes, the one who hurts good people for many years, right inside of their homes, and reputably damages properties. WTH?


Article in today’s Sunday Dispatch on this


Why Are Our Patriotic Veterans, That Have Protected Us, Treated Like 2nd Class Citizens?

ImagePittston also has two places that would be great for veterans, one is the perfect empty building to house a cooking school, it is in Pittston Township. The second empty building is in the City of Pittston, not even a mile away, and would be the temporary housing for vets attending the school. Both shot down the requests to purchase the empty buildings, they are directing veterans to the Industrial area which is overrun with their employed peon undocumented cheap labor cash cow.  So many good people are getting more than a bit ticked off here. . . believe it is called being royally screwed by this deep  vein of corruption, family money,  liars,  cronies, and their undocumented, employed peon cheap laborers!

Army, Marine Corps Cancel Their Tuition Assistance Programs… But Illegal Aliens To Receive Financial Aid.

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