Christmas Greetings From PA Pundits International – 2013

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Christmas 01We regulars at PA Pundits International who contribute their own Posts, and also republish articles from other writers that don’t have log-in privileges,  would like to take this special time to wish you all a wonderful and a peaceful Christmas, and we hope that you can share that day with your family, because after all, Christmas started out with a family, and it is a time when we should remember this with our own families.

Message from TonyfromOz

I hope all our readers have a wonderful time on this Christmas Day. Stay close to your children, or your grand children, and you’ll see the happiness in their faces. That is what makes us happy. Most of you have mobile telephones and these have the facility to take images, so if you are in a position to see the faces of your children as they unwrap their presents, take the time to take some images of them to have a permanent reminder of the joy that all children experience at Christmas.

There is so much in the wider World which gives us cause for concern, so on this day, let’s just forget about that stuff and concentrate on our families, and by doing just that, those wider concerns will fade away, even if just for one day. Take the time to give thanks for what we have.

Here in Australia, in Rockhampton, where I live, Christmas Day will be warm, and in fact probably quite hot, as we are in the middle of our Summer here. The temperature will be around the low to mid 30C range. (around the high 80’s, low to middle 90’s Fahrenheit) My good lady wife and I will be sharing Christmas with our daughter, her husband and our wonderful grand daughter for lunch, and later in the afternoon, we will be all visiting some other close friends for a pleasant afternoon and evening.

Plate Of Prawns

Plate Of Prawns

Not many people in Australia will be partaking of a Christmas meal which most Americans might identify with, a hot meal, as here in Australia, the heat makes that type of meal a little too much. We will mostly be having cold chicken, cold ham, and salads,usually on large plates in the centre of the table, and you just help yourself. As well as those things there will be seafood, mainly Prawns (which you call Shrimp) and there are not many Australians who cannot shell Prawns. All the Seafood outlets will overall sell literally many many thousands of tons of prawns on the day before Christmas, and an average total number for prawns that will be eaten at Christmas in Australia would come in at around 500 Million.

So, at this special time, I hope your Christmas Day is a happy and peaceful day.

And he didn’t invite us for prawns…          😦

Christmas day is also a day of reflection and prayer for the persecuted masses, including many Christians, in various parts of the world.

Definitely a time for family and friends; a time to talk to and listen to the young and the elderly. Really listen to our elders’ experiences; these memories are for young and old alike to cherish.

I personally believe in this order of importance: GOD, Family+Friends and Country.

Ed the Administrator

Best wishes from Annie and Grumpy Old Man.

May the Peace and Joy of this season be with  you all year long.

Ed, Tony, and my P. A. Pundits family of Writers and Readers,

A very Merry Christmas to you all. Although I’ve never met any of you, I’m honored to be associated with the contributors to Pundits..You have given me an opportunity that I’ve never known before.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the only person who divided time into before and after His birthday. He is the only reason for hope in this world. I pray we have many meaningful posts in the New Year that reflect our shared values.