Christmas Day Music – Aussie Jingle Bells

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For this Christmas Day, I’ve chosen a music clip from Australia, From Colin Buchanan and Greg Champion, the song a variation of Jingle Bells, this one titled Aussie Jingle Bells.

Link to Video at You Tube

This video was posted to You Tube by The Global Eagles

I mentioned in the PA Pundits Christmas Wishes Post that Christmas in Australia is entirely different fro Christmas celebrated in America, and at other places in the Northern hemisphere, as here, we are in the middle of Summer. Because of that, our celebratory meal is Lunch, and is mainly seafood, (especially Prawns) cold chicken and ham and salad.

The song featured today gives some insight into how the day is celebrated here. For those lucky enough to have them, and there is in fact quite a lot, the home swimming pool is in fact a place that receives heavy use on this day. Some even go down to the beach, either before lunch, in the morning, or in the mid afternoon.

This song was written by Colin Buchanan and Greg Champion. Champion is a regular on Australian radio, and has a small band called the Coodabeen Champions, a word play, as Champion has a large number of songs related to Australian Sport. He released this song in 1996, and it is a regular song played on radio all around Australia at this time. This is the official video for the song, showing aspects of an Australian Christmas.

While Santa is always shown traditionally in his sleigh with the reindeer, a variation of that here in Australia is that he delivers his goodies in a vehicle referred to as a ute, which is short for utility. In the U.S. you call them Pickups or trucks.  The Australian version, the ute, is basically a sedan oriented vehicle with a tray bed out the back. While most Pickups in the U.S. are specifically constructed vehicles that look similar to small trucks, the closest in style to what an Australian ute looks like would be the old Chevrolet El Camino. In fact, the vehicle described by the term ute was actually conceived, designed and first constructed here in Australia, and I have a short information Post about that at the following link.

History Of The Ute

In this song, Santa is described as doing his rounds here in Australia in a rusty Holden Ute, and Holden is a purely Australian vehicle manufacturer, and is a subsidiary Company of General Motors.

While you are reading this Post and watching the song, because of the time difference, we here in Australia will have virtually finished our Christmas Day celebrations.

So, a happy and joyful Christmas to you all.

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