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Today’s music video is Sunny Afternoon, sung here in this clip by the English band The Kinks.

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KinksSunnyAfternoonIn the early 1960’s, I was in my last years of Primary School when all those English bands started making such wonderful music, the music that my generation grew up with in the years when we became aware of music, that music in the main, aimed squarely at us. In my first year at High School, 1964, groups of us as teenagers splintered off, (in a friendly manner)  into two main groups, those who loved The Beatles, and those who loved The Shadows, probably two of the biggest bands at that time.

However, virtually every week and even more regularly, new bands from England came onto the scene almost at a bewildering pace, all of them making wonderful new songs. This was just the bands, because as many new bands appeared, the same applied for male singers and also female singers.

Right from the first time I heard You Really Got Me from the Kinks in late 1964, I just loved the music they were bringing out. They followed that with further songs that were also good, in fact, and they were probably my favourite band at that time. There was All Day And All Of The Night, Tired Of Waiting For You, A Well Respected Man, and Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, all released during the following 12 Month period. The band’s front man and leader was Ray Davies, and he was prolific with his music.

In mid 1966, they released the song I have featured today, Sunny Afternoon. It was just so catchy, and while basically a rock/pop song, it appealed to me, even at that young age, not because of the plethora of love songs in the main put to rock/pop music, but because this one had humour as an integral part of the song, a wry comment from Ray Davies, the writer of the song, and the harmonies were just so tight. In a further demonstration of Ray’s humour, the official clip for the song was played in the snow.

The band had a further number of hits across the next 5 years or so, Waterloo Sunset, Lola and Apeman being foremost among them. Three of the band’s songs went to Number One on the UK charts, and two of almost made it, peaking at Number 2, with a further raft of Top Ten Hits over the years.

The Kinks were one of the most influential bands in what became known in the U.S. as The British Invasion.

GibsonFlyingVDaveDaviesKinksThis really grainy clip featured today is from the most watched English popular music TV show at the time, Top Of The Pops, and as was the case with virtually every song on TV music shows during those years, the band just stands there with their instruments, and just lip syncing the song. A further clue as to this being the case is that Dave Davies, Ray’s brother, is playing a guitar other than the instrument that became his trade mark, that classic Gibson Flying V, a Vee shaped Gibson electric he played as virtually his only guitar, and shown in the image at left of Dave Davies.

Is it just me, or is it hard to believe this song was from 47 years ago. How time flies, and the music, after all those years is still really good.

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