Black Ineptitude

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For several decades now, black Americans have been indulged like toddlers and treated like China figurines, and not just by liberals, although it seems to me it began under Lyndon Johnson, with Hubert Humphrey serving as the main enabler.


It was under LBJ that new welfare laws pretty much booted black men out of the house by denying welfare to black families if there was a male adult under the roof. As for Humphrey, he was the loon who said that if Affirmative Action led to racial quotas, he would sit down and eat the bill for breakfast. Inevitably, it led to quotas, and, naturally, as is always the case with a liberal’s promises, Humphrey never even ate a little crow.

The next thing we knew, black speech that replaces “are” with “is” and with “they be,” was being called Ebonics and was being referred to by black politicians like Maxine Waters and left-wing academics at our leading universities as merely a dialect, pretending that ignorance and illiteracy were every bit as acceptable as standard English.

These days, we see progressives pretending that the Knockout Game is a fantasy dreamed up by white conservatives to make black teenagers look bad. If you take a peek at crime statistics, the black illegitimacy rate and the school dropout numbers, you will quickly conclude that the only people who have to dream up anything are those who try to put a positive spin on the future of American blacks.

To make matters worse, a large number of blacks have become so dependent on government handouts that they continue voting for the same people in Detroit, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Houston, L.A., and, most particularly, Washington, D.C., who have helped to keep them on their slummy urban plantations.

But it’s not just young blacks who should make us all ashamed of what has become of the descendants of those who comprised the so-called Greatest Generation. In the 1960s, possibly the worst decade in American history, young people considered themselves adults, while adults aspired to be kids – largely engaged with drugs, wife swapping and a bizarre tolerance for rock ‘n’ roll.

These days, youngsters not only have no hankering to be grown-ups, they actually seek to extend their adolescence into the foreseeable future. They also believe that they’re entitled to remain on their parents’ health insurance policy until they’re 26 – an age by which, in the past, a great many people had served in the military and were raising their own families – and that there’s nothing shameful about living at home and cadging off their parents, possibly forever.

PIF_Obamas-GravyTrain_2104356As if that’s not bad enough, in overwhelming numbers, they voted for Obama, the fellow who refers to twenty-somethings as kids and assures them they shouldn’t even be financially responsible for their own birth control pills. “Kids” is what he calls them to their face; behind their backs, in the tradition of other left-wing despots, he no doubt refers to them as “useful idiots.”

Speaking of he who should be impeached, the health insurance aspect of the Affordable Care Act is bad enough, but the real disaster will come in terms of future health care. For not only will people not be able to keep their doctors, but as more and more people wind up on Medicaid, they’ll be lucky to find any doctor willing to treat them because of the notoriously low reimbursement rates. But, then, how damn stupid do you have to be to have believed Obama in the first place when he vowed he would provide 30 million additional people with health insurance, and we would all wind up saving money?

Also, keep in mind that at the same time Obama, Pelosi and Reid, were shoving their satanic plan down our throats, polls showed that 80% of Americans were happy with the status quo. What do you think that number is today? And how much lower will it be when 60 or 70 million more Americans lose their employer-provided health care in 2014?

To give you some idea how dumb the typical voter is, a guy in Santa Monica, CA, was getting people to sign a petition ensuring that Karl Marx would be able to get on the presidential ballot in 2016. Playing fair, he even went so far as to say that Marx would be the candidate best able to continue Obama’s Communist agenda. Needless to say, he had no problem garnering signatures. So watch out, Hillary, Karl’s breathing down your neck.

In other news, although the liberals trivialize the 5% of Americans who have lost their health insurance policies thanks to ObamaCare – a number that translates to six million policy holders, but about 20 million people when you factor in spouses and children – they are constantly making a big deal of gay couples raising kids. They rhapsodize about them, write books about them and play up the new untraditional family on TV and in school textbooks. You would have reason to imagine that there are tens of millions of these households, probably a great many in your own neighborhood. The actual number is 100,000 homosexual couples in the entire country who have custody of a child. So while they casually pooh-pooh the 5% who have been victimized by ObamaCare, they laud and claim special consideration of the .0003% represented by this segment of the population.

According to a recent poll, two-thirds of Americans say they don’t trust other people. That’s pretty depressing. But perhaps the problem is with the way they asked the question. After all, considering that we Americans basically break down to half liberals and half conservatives, I would think that if they asked people if they trusted those who shared their values, the number would be close to 100%. As a conservative, I confess it’s only liberals I find entirely untrustworthy.