The power of one! and Not Kuster’s Last Stand, Alas

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AFA_brigitte_gabrielBy Brigitte Gabriel

The power of one! ACT! For America’s Members Making a Difference for America


When everyone does a little, together we can accomplish a lot. This has been our motto at ACT for America from day one. People sometime say to me: “what is my voice going to do, I am only one person?” As you see from the example below, if only one person challenges their elected official at a Town Hall meeting, in every city in the nation, we can make a difference for our country and in this case keep the Benghazi issue alive until we get answers.

That point was driven home forcefully recently at a town hall meeting held by Representative Ann Kuster when one of our members asked the congresswoman a simple question about where she stood on the issue of establishing a select committee to investigate the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya.

As you can see in the video linked below, Rep. Kuster was clearly caught off guard by the question and attempted to brush off the question, first by claiming that Benghazi was not in the Middle East, and then showing complete ignorance about the movement to establish the select investigative committee, something that has received extensive media coverage for several months:

Renowned columnist Mark Steyn recognized our member’s exchange with Rep. Kuster in a column this week, written in his unique and witty style. Steyn points out that the questioner is well-informed but, in this case, the Congresswoman is “low information”:

To our 270,000 members we say: Keep up the good work! It would be great if every member of Congress who holds a town hall meeting could be asked the same question that was asked of Rep. Kuster in New Hampshire. We owe Ambassador Stevens and the other three brave Americans who lost their lives that day the truth and to hold our elected officials accountable for their action or lack of.

Not Kuster’s Last Stand, Alas
By Mark Steyn

The Democrats had a very good night in New Hampshire in November 2012, and swept away, among many others, my congressman. Charlie Bass was nobody’s idea of a rock-ribbed conservative, but he wasn’t an idiot. By contrast, look at Bass’s successor, Democrat Annie Kuster, when asked a question about Benghazi.

First, she has no idea what “Benghazi” is.

Then, pleading in mitigation that she’s there to talk about the Middle East, she reveals that she has no idea where Benghazi is.

Finally, when her constituents helpfully point out that Benghazi is in Libya, she turns to the side and gives that pitiful look that is the single thing I most loathe about American politics – the look a floundering empty suit gives to her minder when she needs him to come and rescue her. Which the minder immediately does.

This isn’t an especially partisan point, but I’m so weary of post-modern ventriloquist’s dummies who can’t be allowed near their constituents without the protection of a phalanx of aides. In this video, the voters are well-informed, but they have a low-information Congresswoman. 


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