Iran must Not be allowed to obtain Nuclear weapons … 

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 ***Action Alert***

Iran must not be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons and the U.S. Senate must clearly understand that the American public will not stand for it.

Americans often wonder what they can do to help promote national security.
Elected officials on the state and federal level commonly tell us that they frequently hear from constituents on “pocketbook” issues but seldom hear from them on security issues, such as the threat of terrorism and nuclear proliferation.

That is exactly where you, ACT! for America’s 270,000-strong members and supporters come in! You have the power to let our elected officials know that national security is important to taxpayers.

There is no issue more vital to America’s national security today than Iran’s nuclear program, so we have created an Open Letter to the Leadership of the U.S. Senate, telling them to tighten sanctions on Iran and remain vigilant to the Iranian threat. We ask that you demonstrate your support for this important letter by adding your signature. Our Director of Government Relations will hand deliver this letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Your signature is your voice and all of our signatures combined together will create quite a roar.

Click Here to sign the letter demanding that Iran must not be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons.

Together we make a difference!


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