Republicans and Democrats Agree: America is Not Safer Today

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AFA_brigitte_gabrielBy Brigitte Gabriel ~

In today’s politically charged atmosphere, it is rare to see a Republican and a Democrat politician side-by-side agreeing with each other.

That’s just what happened on Sunday when Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Michigan) appeared on CNN’s State of the Union program.

Unfortunately, Senator Feinstein and Congressman Rogers were agreeing on what can only be described as very bad, disturbing news.

When asked by CNN’s Candy Crowley, both said that the US is not safer from terrorism today than it was in recent years:

Crowley was aghast at their answer to her questioning. She had assumed that, at the very least, Democrat Feinstein might say the opposite. After all, the Obama administration, particularly attorney general Eric Holder, has been giving America the impression that we are safer from terrorism ever since the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

But Feinstein and Rogers were steadfast in their report to the CNN host. And they are in a position to know: Feinstein is the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Rogers is the chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

Moreover, they backed up their assertion with facts. They pointed out that terrorist attacks and fatalities from terror attacks are “up worldwide” and our enemies are hard at work building more powerful, harder to detect bombs with which to attack us. In addition, there are more Jihadist terrorist organizations today than ever before and Al Qaeda is evolving into a broader, worldwide organization focused on carrying out more numerous, smaller attacks, as opposed to the big event, such as September 11th.

The one thing that has not changed as Al Qaeda has evolved is the fact that all of the global Al Qaeda affiliates share a continued desire to attack targets inside the US and in the West in general.

What’s even more worrisome is that Al Qaeda’s new diversity makes it harder for America’s intelligence services to discover and head off terrorist attacks before they are committed.

Furthermore, many of today’s Jihadist terrorists have gained invaluable combat experience in places like Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, making them that much more potentially lethal when they plot to commit acts of terrorism against civilian targets in the West.

This sobering report shows that America can never afford to let down its guard. We must remain ever-vigilant to the threat of Jihadist terrorism.

That is why the mission of ACT for America is so vital. As America’s largest and fastest-growing grassroots national security organization, we are uniquely positioned to see to it that our elected and appointed officials stay focused on the number one job of government: to protect citizens from foreign threats and provide for the common defense.

Too many Americans—both in and out of public office—seem to have gone to sleep when it comes to the threat from Jihadist terrorism from groups like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and HAMAS. But ACT for America’s 270,000 members have not gone to sleep and can be counted on to constantly remind politicians, the media and their fellow citizens of the threats we face. As you are reading this article I am on Capital Hill today meeting with seven members of congress in back to back meetings, discussing how we can work together to make our country safer. Thanks for all our members for your activism and your involvement.

Together we rise in defense of our security, our liberty and our freedoms!


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