Sunday Music – Help Me Make It Through The Night

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Today’s music video is Help Me Make It Through The Night, sung here in this clip by American Country singer Sammi Smith.

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This video was posted to You Tube by Don Speice

SammiSmithToday’s featured song was written by Kris Kristofferson, and was released on his 1970 album, Kristofferson. Kris is another of those artists who had already had a relatively long music career before making it into the big time.

He had a Military career prior to his music career and in fact is an accomplished Rhodes Scholar even prior to his military career.

He gave up the Military career to pursue a career in music, and this first album he released was in fact only average at the time, and yet 4 Singles from that album were quite huge selling songs for other artists. The album was re-released a little later when Janis Joplin picked up the Me and Bobby McGee song and turned that into a huge hit.

One of the other big hits from this first album of Kristoffeson’s was the song for today. It was picked and recorded up by no less than five other artists including Elvis, in the song’s same year of release by Kristofferson 1970.

The biggest selling cover version and the biggest hit was the version recorded by Sammi Smith, another of those artists who had been around for a while to become that overnight success with this song, her one and only major hit. both on the Country charts and crossing over onto the mainstream charts as well.

Oddly, this Sammi Smith version was troubled somewhat, only in a minor way, in that it was considered a little risque, but only for this version sung by Sammi Smith, while the original sung by Kristofferson himself was quite OK, showing that perceptions differ when one version has different connotation put on it if it is sung by a female.

While Sammi Smith had a relatively good career, this was her one huge hit.

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