Comet ISON Lives!

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NASA Coronagraph  ~

On 11-28-2013 Comet ISON was in the sun’s atmosphere and seemed to disintegrate. This was recorded by NASA and ESA spacecraft.

But today, the comet is still alive and getting brighter.


What is a Coronagraph?
-an artificial solar eclipse-
A coronagraph is a telescope that can see things very close to the Sun. It uses a disk to block the Sun’s bright surface, revealing the faint solar corona, stars, planets and sungrazing comets. In other words, a coronagraph produces an artificial solar eclipse.

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has two coronagraphs onboard, one with a 3-degree field of view (the “C2” coronagraph) and another with a 16-degree field of view (the “C3” coronagraph). For comparison, the Sun itself is 0.5 degrees across. C2 coronagraph images are usually colored red; C3 coronagraph images are blue:


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