A Climate of Insane Spending on Nothing

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Bolt New 01 By Andrew Bolt  ~ 

Terry McCrann measures the great global warming gravy train:

[An] attempt was made [at the UN climate talks in Warsaw] to develop a new source for restocking the gravy train.

That we should have up to $US100?billion a year funded by the developed countries to pour money into third world kleptocracies under the guise of paying for “climate harm”.

Australia’s share could run at $2-3?billion a year, EVERY YEAR AND RISING.

It is important to understand this would be completely separate to another fund, also of $US100 billion a year, also funded by developed countries, to pay for so-called green climate action.

Put them together and the Federal Government could be up for a new bill of $4-6 billion a year… Remember too, that $4-6 billion a year would be COMPLETELY ADDITIONAL to the cost we would have to pay to cut our CO2 emissions by the 5 per cent, currently bipartisanly mandated, or the “at least” 15 per cent so casually demanded by the discredited and hopefully soon-to-be disbanded Climate Authority.

If “Electricity Bill” Shorten got his way, we would be writing out further cheques for another $7 billion a year by 2020 – rising to a mind-blowing something like $57 billion a year by 2050 – according to Treasury modelling, to buy “emission permits” from overseas…

Do the math. The climate crazies want the government to hand over maybe $6 billion every year, and rising, to third-world countries, compensating for our past sins not of commission or even omission but of emission… AND in addition to all that budget pain, you will be forced to pay for that $57 billion that will be flowing to who knows whom and where, via yet dramatically higher power prices, either as ordinary consumers or Australian businesses.

And all to achieve absolutely nothing.

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