Counting Down to Armageddon

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By Burt Prelutsky ~

Although I can sympathize with those who want Kathleen Sebelius’s head on a pike, just as I can sympathize with those who would like to see Eric Holder replaced as the attorney general, both groups are ignoring the fact that Obama would merely replace them with puppets who were just as bad or, if humanly possible, even worse. This is the same schmuck, let us keep in mind, who replaced Leon Panetta with Chuck Hagel and Hillary Clinton with John Kerry.

For only the second time in our nation’s history have we elected three consecutive presidents to second terms. The first time it happened, we wound up with Jefferson, Madison and Monroe. This time, we got Clinton, Bush and Obama. Does anyone require a clearer picture of America’s decline?

According to the polls and pundits, the next Republican presidential candidate is likely to be someone like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul or Marco Rubio, but being a senator is not the best thing to have on your resume. Although I grant that Clinton and Bush aren’t the greatest examples of ex-governors in the Oval Office, we would do better to seek our candidate from the ranks of the 30 Republican governors than from the 45 members of the Senate. The problem is that senators get to spend a lot of time on TV, so we’re more familiar with them. But being the president is like being the CEO of the world’s biggest corporation, and it’s governors who have the necessary executive experience to do the job. All that senators are called upon to do is vote occasionally and yak incessantly.

One of the things that has made the controversy over the Affordable Care Act so tiresome was having to hear yahoos like Obama, Schumer and Durbin, parroting the line about its being the law of the land, and, therefore, Republicans had no business calling for its demise. Even that trio of dunces has to be aware that slavery was once the law of the land. And it wasn’t just the law in the South. In fact, slavery was the law under the Stars and Stripes for many more years than it was under the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy.

For another thing, gun ownership is not guaranteed by a mere law, but by the Second Amendment to the Constitution, and yet the same crowd of bullies and bozos who shoved the Affordable Care Act down our throats without a single Republican vote, are constantly trying to disarm us.

In case you missed the news, Germany, France, Mexico and Brazil, are just a few of the countries that have voiced their displeasure upon learning that the current administration has been tapping their phones. What’s more, Saudi Arabia has threatened to cut off diplomatic relations with the U.S. because of the way that Obama is kowtowing to their archenemies in Iran, Syria and Russia. The Saudis have announced they no longer trust Obama. That makes two of us.

Clearly, Obama meant it when he said that once he became president, the world would look at us in a whole new way. For once, he kept his word.

I mean, really, how dare Obama and Kerry cozy up to Iran when it’s widely known that their three most recent defense ministers were all directly involved in the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, a bombing that resulted in the deaths of 241 American servicemen?

Has anyone else noticed that whenever this administration does something stupid or sleazy, Jay Carney claims Obama knew nothing about it until he read it in a newspaper? He knew nothing about Operation Fast & Furious; he knew nothing about Ambassador Stevens asking for additional security in Benghazi and he had no idea the consulate was under attack on 9/11/12; he knew zilch about the IRS targeting conservatives for the past several years; and he had not even a hint that there might be a problem with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. I know the goofball plays a lot of golf and takes a lot of vacations, but really? Does he really enjoy being known as the Bystander-in-Chief?

Apocalypse, the 4th horseman - Death

Apocalypse, the 4th horseman – Death

The teachers union let it be known that it strongly objects to a bill that would prevent convicted sex offenders from being hired as teachers, counselors, coaches or janitors. Naturally, Rep. Keith Ellison backs the union, declaring that everyone deserves a second chance. Nobody bothered asking him if he meant a second chance to rape a school child.

Naturally, he and the union would be of a different mind if any of those creepy perverts exposed themselves and went “Bang-bang.” After all, schools, according to liberal pinheads, must maintain zero tolerance when it comes to weaponry, even if, 999 times out of a thousand, it means suspending six-year-olds, when the so-called smoking gun happens to be a tiny index finger.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I just don’t seem to recall a lot of people named Goering, Himmler and Hess, being in FDR’s inner circle the last time we were involved in an existential war with pure evil.

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