Obama’s mistake now comes to hurt Australia

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Bolt New 01 By Andrew Bolt  ~ 

Julia Gillard is one of many who make the wrong point about Barack Obama, who set not a good example but disastrous:

FORMER prime minister Julia Gillard has suggested Tony Abbott follow the example of US President Barack Obama

Gillard said it was not appropriate for her to comment on intelligence matters but she praised the way Mr Obama handled similar allegations of US phone taps on German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“If he had been aware he wouldn’t have authorised it, and he could certainly say for the future that it wouldn’t happen again,” she told CNN.

“I think that that’s an appropriate response from Australia to Indonesia at this very difficult time.”

What so much commentary on the Left misses in quoting Obama’s response to Germany is how much damage Obama has actually caused by this breach of long-standing practice not to comment on intelligence operations.

Australia is now under pressure to follow Obama’s lead, meaning denying ourselves the right to try to track the calls of future Indonesian politicians. Once we do that, we’ll have set our own example, which will in turn be used to demand we don’t spy on many other targets in many other countries.

The end is obvious: massive restrictions on our ability to gather information. And many more Age articles attacking our spies for not predicting terrorist attacks or properly assessing the military capabilities of our enemies.

Can’t Abbott’s critics just drop their hatred for a second to think through our national interest? And can Abbott now resist the precedent Obama has so foolishly set – a precedent that seems one more retreat in the power of the West?

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