Let Labor apologise for what Labor did

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt

Simon Benson:

FORMER intelligence officials have confirmed it was likely the 2009 operation to spy on the Indonesian President was ticked off by senior cabinet ministers at the time.This would have been either the defence minister, the foreign minister or the attorney-general…

Intelligence sources say there is no way DSD would conduct an operation like that without ministerial cover.

Which makes Bob Carr’s call for Tony Abbott to apologise ridiculous. Carr alluded to as much when he admitted that either the defence or foreign minister at the time would have known or should have known. So this would make it Labor’s apology to make, if there was one to make at all.

It also makes Bill Shorten’s momentary lapse in bipartisanship by calling on Abbott to take the Obama route and say sorry to SBY smack of craven political opportunism.

Dennis Shanahan:

Speaking with a forked tongue.

Speaking with a forked tongue.

[Opposition Leader Bill] Shorten’s shortage of parliamentary >and broad political experience is showing. The irony is that the new Liberal Prime Minister is actually defending the period and actions of the old Labor prime minister, Kevin Rudd, and Shorten is floating Obama-style solutions that included an apology…

The damaging irony that a call from the Labor leader for Abbott to consider an apology for the Rudd government’s actions was compounded by the imputation in a later question that perhaps Indonesia would retaliate by withdrawing its ban on visa-free arrivals by asylum-seekers from Iran.

Former Foreign Minsiter Alexander Downer:

One of the more bizarre ideas came from former foreign minister Bob Carr. He suggested Julie Bishop should fly to Jakarta and apologise to the Indonesians. I hope she doesn’t. That’s an absurd suggestion. It would undermine once and for all the age-old policy of neither confirm nor deny. And if The Guardian publishes another allegation, does she apologise again? Or if the allegation is serious, but false, how does she start explaining why she won’t apologise? You see the point.

The Carr formula is a formula that could unravel our intelligence capabilities. As Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten should dissociate himself from this nonsense. Instead, he seemed yesterday to endorse it.

What is more, neither Bishop nor Tony Abbott was in government at the time of the alleged phone interception. The prime minister was then Kevin Rudd and the foreign and defence ministers were Stephen Smith and John Faulkner, respectively. So if there was any apologising to do, they should do it

(Thanks to reader Peter of Bellevue Hill.)

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