Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott A Leader In A New Climate Of Non Attendance

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Here in Australia, the left, and green followers have been critical of the new Conservative Government for not sending a senior Government Minister to this UNFCCC Climate Change conference in Warswaw. Short term memory loss means that those same people commenting now cannot remember that last year, the (former) Labor Government Minister for Climate Change did not attend that year’s conference either, a conference directly relating to his Ministerial responsibility. The left and its media supporters have roundly criticised the current Government for not thinking this conference important enough to send a Minister. Now, it seems that a number of Governments in other Countries have indeed done the same as Australia has done here, and have not sent a direct Government Minister…..TonyfromOz.

UNFCCC-COP19Warsaw2013Seems Tony Abbott is actually far from alone in not sending a minister to the UN’s latest talkfest in global warming. From The Guardian:

Warsaw climate talks: nearly 3 in 10 countries not sending ministers

According to statistics released by the UN, over 10,000 people will spend the next two weeks swarming through its corridors, busily going about their business of trying to find a solution to climate change.

But only 134 of these will be ministers, in spite of the fact that there will be 189 countries attending the conference…

The number of ministers registered to attend does not always reflect the final head count, with the potential for attendees to drop out at the last minute.

But who cares if the conferences grow increasingly useless. Free travel! Moral grandstanding!

But in spite of the overall poor ministerial attendance, the number of participants at this conference has increased from last year—precisely 10,106 are registered to attend, compared to the 9004 who turned up last year in Doha.

That figures. Warsaw is nicer than Doha.

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