Sunday Music – You Get What You Give

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Today’s music video is You Get What You Give, sung here in this clip by the American band New Radicals.

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NewRadicalsToday’s music video is from a band who were only around for two years, and only produced one album, Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too. This song was lifted from that album, and was a moderate to large hit in some places, one of them Australia, where its catchiness caught on, released in early 1999, not all that long before the band folded.

The song was written by the front man for the band, Gregg Alexander.

The song was also known for the controversy it caused because of the last few lines of the song, done in the form of spoken word over the music. Alexander, whose style was more alternative than mainstream made this a conscious effort to see whether (if the song did gain any airplay) the concentration was on the moral issues contained in the first few lines of that monologue or whether the concentration would be upon the celebrities he named in the closing lines of the monologue.

And, as you may have guessed, the media concentration did focus on the celebrities, and in fact sought to gain responses from those celebrities.

You may even think this was a conscious effort not to garner opinion but to ensure further airplay as people did want to hear of those celebrities and what was actually said about them.

All that does not subtract from what is basically quite a good song, and then this was backed by the production of a very good video, highlighting the irreverence of how Alexander mainly thought about the way the World worked in his view.

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