Australian Politics – Only One Illegal Immigrant Boat In A Week

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~SIEV

The Australian Labor Party now claims it also had Indonesia stopping lots of boats – but unaccountably, for that spin-mad former government, failed to tell us about it until now, 5 weeks after they comprehensively lost the Federal election:

INDONESIAN police have disrupted 17 people-smuggling operations since the September 7 election, stopping 550 people getting on boats and arresting three “high value” suspects, in a crackdown for which Australian authorities are claiming credit.

After a week in which only one boat arrived in Australian waters, the Australian Federal Police said an Indonesian court had ordered the arrest of an alleged smuggling kingpin…

Former Labor immigration minister Tony Burke insisted the number of disruptions by Indonesian police were “consistent” with those recorded even before he was appointed in July.


Notice how little coverage the ABC and Fairfax have given to the dramatic slow-down in boat arrivals over the past few weeks? Or to the signs of increased Indonesian cooperation?

I described on 2GB last night my astonishment at the ABC’s bias, and Chris Kenny today suggests journalists are again writing what they want to believe, not what they actually see:

The day before last month’s election, Tim Colebatch in The Age said even Abbott’s foreign aid cuts would undermine his ambitions: “This will not help Tony Abbott’s chances of getting the Indonesia co-operation he needs to stop the boats.”

Since the election the tactics, the enmity and the perspectives are familiar…

In Abbott’s first week, Tingle warned about the “clear rejection” of Abbott’s policies by Indonesia, and when that didn’t seem to be matched by reality she urged us not to “get sucked in by the Prime Minister’s weasel words in Jakarta”…

On the ABC’s The Drum website this month, Jonathan Green was one of the commentators who couldn’t reconcile Abbott’s policy consistency with success in Jakarta. So he invented a backdown in Abbott’s asylum-seeker policies.

“Stop The Boats. Turn Them Back When Safe To Do So. Tossed aside now for the best and most practical of reasons.”

Green even pretends Abbott’s tough measures are being jettisoned in favour of a softer, yet more successful, approach…

These are worrying signs for the Left. Rather than see Abbott’s early success, it seeks the comfort of denial. Rather than examine their failed policies and unsustainable positions, they might just deny reality.

Speaking on ABC’s Radio National this month, Paul Bongiorno seemed to retrofit events to meld with the Left’s previous narrative that Abbott’s border protection policies would cause a fracture with Indonesia.

“If anyone had any doubts that this had damaged the relationship,” pontificated Bongiorno, “you just had to see the extent to which Mr Abbott grovelled in Jakarta. This was kowtow on steroids.”

In reality Abbott and the Coalition – and it is early days – have set about doing exactly what they said they would.

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