Climate Change Australia – Just Double What “The Science” Says And Scare The Readers

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~RisingSeaLevel

The IPCC’s latest report projects sea level rises this century of between 26cm and 81cm, depending on which scenario you use of emission rises:

For the period 2081–2100, compared to 1986–2005, global mean sea level rise is likely (medium confidence) to be in the 5–95% range of process-based models, which give 0.26–0.54 m for RCP2.6, 0.32–0.62 m for RCP4.5, 0.33–0.62 m for RCP6.0, and 0.45–0.81 m for RCP8.5.

Of course, given the failure of the atmosphere to warm as the IPCC predicted for the past 15 years there is plenty of reason to doubt the most alarmist of those predictions.

But now see how today’s Newcastle Herald whips up the scare, projecting not sea level rises of between 26cm and 81cm, but much worse:

WATER would be lapping through the streets of Newcastle’s CBD, covering Hunter Street and the railway line, if worst-case predictions of sea level rise and flooding happen, federal maps show.

Many other areas in the region from Lake Macquarie to Port Stephens could be inundated by 2100, scientists predict.

The latest international climate change research has predicted sea levels will rise even higher than previously thought.

Some experts say the rise could be more than a metre by 2100 along the Hunter coast.

More than a metre? What happened to the “consensus” science we were meant to listen to, which quoted sea level rises a lot lower than that as the worst case scenario?

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