Daily Beast Contributor: Forget The Oval Office, Hillary Should Be ‘President Of The Universe’

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Ken Shepherd 01By Ken Shepherd ~presidentoftheuniverselarge

Forget becoming President of the United States. It’s too small an office for Hillary Clinton. What the former first lady really needs is a “strong global governing body” to captain, liberal writer Sally Kohn insists in a ludicrous post at Daily Beast, headlined “President of the Universe.”

As icing on the cake, editors gave the post prime real estate, placing it in the fourth slot in the lightbox and giving it a propaganda poster-style image of Clinton.

“[W]hile Hillary does seem like a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination should she choose to run in 2016, those of us already disillusioned with the disappointing and self-destructive centrism of President Obama may start to remember that he’s simply regurgitating the Clintonian politics of timid triangulation with which Hillary and her husband helped poison the political water,” Kohn groused. Yes, the Fox News Channel contributor honestly thinks Clinton and Obama are not left-wing enough to her tastes.

And yet, to Kohn’s mind, Hillary needs a global stage, where she can truly be unshackled from the tentacles of “corporate power”:

But Hillary is too great a talent and voice to go unused. And she clearly has too much fight and force left in her to just follow the fading path of philanthropy laid out by her husband. Plus if Hillary showed us nothing else, it’s her extraordinary vision and impact as a global statesman. Which is precisely what we need in the world right now, a strong head of a strong global body that can collectively hold rogue nations accountable and spread opportunity and prosperity worldwide. Like the United Nations if the U.N. had even more accountability and heft and teeth. Added bonus: Taking such a position would help breathe life into the perennial vast right-wing conspiracy theory about “world government,” and we know how Hillary likes vast right-wing conspiracies!

Hillary Clinton has already visited an insane number of countries during her tenure as secretary of State, so she could ostensibly phone it in for the first few years of her global presidency. Plus let’s be honest, since most Americans probably don’t know many of those countries exist let alone where to find them on a map, Hillary’s prodigious global knowledge would be wasted on our domestic electorate. Hillary describes her own tenure at State, “I thought it was essential that as we restore America’s standing in the world and strengthen our global leadership again, we needed what I took to calling ‘smart power’ to elevate American diplomacy and development and reposition them for the 21st century.” By the same token, there is clearly a need to restore Kenya and Indonesia and Mexico’s standing in the world, too, and expand development and opportunity there and in countless other places. In particular, a global Hillary presidency would do much to empower women and girls worldwide, both in symbolic and tangible ways through investment projects, a strategic way to improve development standards for all.

And Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in the world. In fact, she has been for the last 11 years.

Time to capitalize on that global popularity, Hillary. The United States should decisively throw out the bad bathwater of the last 20 years of Reagan/Clinton economics, but in doing so, there’s no need to put baby in the corner. Hillary Clinton is a global star and a beacon for positive values and change worldwide. Here’s hoping she sets her political sight even higher!

Go home, Sally, you’re drunk.

Ken Shepherd is the Managing Editor of NewsBusters.

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