Australian Election Result – Climate Change Sceptics Could Get The Senate Of Their Dreams

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Climate sceptics in Australia may end up with the Senate of their dreams – one that scraps the carbon tax, but refuses to replace it with the Liberals’ smaller but still useless Direct Action scheme:

TONY Abbott appears likely to secure the numbers in the new Senate to repeal the carbon tax and mining tax …

But he could fail to legislate his $2.8 billion “direct action” plan to cut carbon emissions, according to early objections from those likely to share the balance of power in the upper house…

The Coalition is on track to hold 33 votes in the Senate from next July and could repeal both major taxes with the support of the Liberal Democratic Party, Family First, the Democratic Labour Party, two from the Palmer United Party and either the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party or the Australian Sports Party.

The Coalition would emerge with 39 and possibly 40 votes in the chamber of 76 on both major decisions.

But The Australian can reveal that likely senators from the Liberal Democratic Party and Family First are intent on rejecting the “direct action” policy if the Coalition seeks to legislate the scheme.

Existing senator John Madigan from the Democratic Labour Party also objects to the “direct action” policy amid fears it would be “rorted”, while South Australian independent Nick Xenophon favours a market approach instead. These objections would make it hard for the Coalition to gain more than 37 votes out of 76 to enact its flagship climate change policy.

This could be billions of dollars saved. Reason restored.


The more I hear from David Leyonhjelm, the incoming Senator of the Liberal Democratic Party, the more I find things to very much like:

Not a word I could disagree with, although I would also warn that liberty needs the velvet bonds of tradition, including faith for some, to guard against anarchy and the tyranny of the strong:

DAVID LEYONHJELM: We’re a libertarian party, a small “l” liberal. So we’re in favour of low taxes, less bureaucracy, smaller government, less expenditure. So, the issues to us that matter are reducing taxes, government getting out of the way, getting out of your pocket and off your back. So we’ll support anything that reduces taxes and we’ll support anything that increases our liberty.

LEIGH SALES: So you would obviously then be in favour of the carbon tax being repealed?

DAVID LEYONHJELM: We would. We would definitely support that and the mining tax. But we are not in favour of the Coalition’s policy on Direct Action on climate change, for example. It’s just a large amount of money down a black hole which will achieve nothing.

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