Climate Change – 50 Times More Expensive To Stop Than Adapt- Video

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50to1-videoAn Australian, Topher Field has made a professional short video explaining how it would cost 50 times more money to stop than it would cost to adapt to any changes, if in fact they do eventuate.

While the actual finished video is just under ten minutes in length, Topher conducted a number of interviews with experts in this field. Those interviews were all quite long, and what has been done is to take small parts of those individual interviews, and then add them to the explanation, which is the main thrust of the video.

Here is the video titled The 50 To 1 Project.

As well as the finished video, Topher constructed a new website to contain all the information and all the original interviews, as well as a pdf document showing all the Maths and Science included in the project.

That website is at the following link.

50 To 1 Video project

There are the 8 full original video interviews shown there, and while they are long, one is particularly interesting, that being the interview Topher did with Doctor David Evans.

One comment in that interview is most striking where Dr. Evans says the following: (at the 14.30 mark of his video interview)

A quarter of the human CO2 emissions in the whole of history have occurred since 1998.

Topher wants the video to gain as wide a distribution as possible, and a number of sites are already featuring the video.

One of those is the JoNova site in Australia, and Joanne was actually one of the people that Topher interviewed. The link to the Post at the JoNova site is as follows, and she also has a large Comments section where readers can leave their comments, and they are well worth reading.

Topher’s 50 to 1 project