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Today’s music video is What’s Wrong With The Way I Live, sung here in this clip by the Australian band, The Twilights.

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Some years in your life are a watershed that you look back upon and say that my life changed in that year.

1967 was such a year for me.

I joined the Royal Australian Air Force in January, still only a 15 year old teenager, and before you think about joining the Military forces at such a young age, this was an Apprenticeship Scheme, where boys of that age joined as Trades Apprentices.

It was the first time I had been away from home on my own, the first time with only young men of the same age, and everything was new.

The music was the same. I was at that age when music was just beginning to be  a big part of what was around me, and this was in those heady days of the early and mid 60’s as the music changed.

Australian music was just beginning to come of age also, as it also changed to stay with what was happening, mainly in the UK, as what became known as The British Invasion started to take hold.

Australian bands were coming forward almost at a bewildering pace, and songs came and went.

One of those bands that did come to the fore at that time was an outfit from South Australia, The Twilights, and while they were only around for three years, they became one of the significant groups of musicians that Australia produced.

They started out in 1965 and developed the tight musical style of harmonies mixed with guitars that was coming out of the UK in such numbers of hits.

In 1966, the band relocated to Melbourne, and they literally took off. They had a minor hit that charted Nationally, and then their third hit cracked it into the Top Five Nationally.

At the time in late 1966, the band entered the Hoadleys Battle Of The Sounds, a major national contest for bands. They won the contest, no mean feat when a number of popular Australian bands were part of that contest. The prize included a trip to the UK. While in the UK, they found it was a lot harder than here in Australia, where they were a big name, and now, in the UK, they were a small fish in a bog pond.

While in transit (by cruise ship) between Australia and the UK, their fourth Single, Needle In A Haystack, made it to Number One back here in Australia, and stayed in the National Charts for almost five Months.

While in the UK, they recorded a song written for them by UK rock royalty, Graham Nash, Allan Clarke and Tony Hicks from the legendary band The Hollies. That song is the featured song for today, What’s Wrong With The Way I Live.

The song was released in early 1967, and was one of the songs popular at the time when I was in the formative stages of my service with the Air Force, so, as young teenage boys, this was a really popular song amongst us all. Like the band’s earlier smash hit, this one also soared up the Charts. It was a local Number One in Melbourne, and peaked at Number three on the National charts and again spent almost five Months in the charts.

The band had a further hit, and finding it not all that easy to become a big band in the UK, they came back to Australia, where they picked straight back up from where they were when they left for England, one of Australia’s premier bands.

There was a minor hit followed by three Singles that charted in the National Top Five.

The last of those was the second of their songs that I have featured today, Kathy Come Home, which was released late in that same year, 1967.

This was making its rise up the charts as I went home from my first long Leave from the Air Force, the 4 weeks over Christmas and the new Year, so I can honestly say I heard this song every day over that time, one of the most popular songs in Australia at the time.

The following year was a quiet one for the band as they worked on a TV show, that never quite got off the ground. Late in 1968, the band started to fracture, and in early 1969 dissolved, another of those fleetingly meteoric bands that seemingly came and went around this time. However, what made this band so significant on the Australian music scene is that the members who made up the band went on to bigger and better things.

Lead singer Glenn Shorrock went on to join Axiom, and then that monster band, The Little River Band, LRB.

The Twilights might be a name that not many Australians of this era might recognise, but they were a force to be reckoned with at the time, and a big part of the formative years of what was to come on the Australian music scene.

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This video was posted to You Tube by nzoz1968

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