Poll: Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Could Lose His Seat

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Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

I find this hard to believe, and Liberal strategists aren’t expecting to knock off Rudd – and yet…:

Kevin Rudd is trailing Liberal rival Bill Glasson in his apparently safe Brisbane seat of Griffith, in alarming news for Labor from the latest Guardian Lonergan poll.

Glasson, who is running an intensive local grassroots campaign, leads Rudd on a two-party preferred basis by 52% to 48%. The poll’s margin of error is 4%…

Bottom line: the poll is consistent with many others suggesting Rudd’s return is unlikely to deliver the swag of Queensland seats Labor needs to survive.

This poll probably exaggerates the swing against Rudd by some way, but the news of it will derail the new Rudd narrative of a comeback.

All that said, it might not have been a good time for Rudd to skip this debate:

Mr Rudd was to debate Dr Bill Glasson at a public forum in Brisbane tonight but is apparently sending Labor Senator Claire Moore in his place.

Dr Glasson says he realises the Prime Minister is busy on the campaign trail but should not have pulled out at the last minute.


Reader JohN reports:

Hi Andrew. Am at the Glasson/Rudd debate albeit with no Rudd appearance. Crowd palpably upset at Rudd no show. Glasson getting warm applause. Rudd rep getting jeers. Frankly, Glasson very Prime Ministerial. Watch out Tony.


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Bill Glasson has fun:


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