Global Warming Scientist Says That 15 Years Of “Warming Stagnation” Is “No Longer Consistent” With Models

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The link here in Andrew’s article takes you to a more in depth explanation of this story at the JoNova site at the following link…..TonyfromOz

Climate Models Cannot Explain Why Global Warming Has Slowed

Global Warming meltdownHans von Storch is a leading global warming scientist and an IPCC author. So the admission is even more striking:

In recent years, the increase in near-surface global annual mean temperatures has emerged as considerably smaller than many had expected. We investigate whether this can be explained by contemporary climate change scenarios. In contrast to earlier analyses for a ten-year period that indicated consistency between models and observations at the 5% confidence level, we find that the continued warming stagnation over fifteen years, from 1998 -2012, is no longer consistent with model projections even at the 2% confidence level. Of the possible causes of the inconsistency, the underestimation of internal natural climate variability on decadal time scales is a plausible candidate, but the influence of unaccounted external forcing factors or an overestimation of the model sensitivity to elevated greenhouse gas concentrations cannot be ruled out. The first cause would have little impact of the expectations of longer term anthropogenic climate change, but the second and particularly the third would.

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