U.S. To Work With Corrupt Mexican Police To Secure Border

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20080124_kouri_4articles1By Jim Kouri, CPP. ~20130417_Napolitano-Obama-large

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano conferred with her Mexican counterpart — Secretary of the Interior Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong — and law enforcement officials in Matamoros, Mexico, in order to plan border security cooperation to enhance public safety and security within the border region, despite numerous reports of widespread corruption by Mexico’s government.

“The United States and Mexico have taken unprecedented steps in recent years to deepen our cooperation along our shared border. We are committed to working together to support economic competitiveness by creating an environment in which our citizens and businesses continue to feel safe and secure, while reducing violence and increasing security,” she said.

But several American law enforcement point out that Napolitano’s statements must be dissected in order to separate facts from fabrications.

“[Napolitano] talks about ‘citizens and businesses’ continuing to feel safe and secure is an obvious canard to anyone who works in law enforcement in our border states,” said former police captain, now a manager of a private security firm, Stephen Rodgers.

“Since Obama took office in 2009, Napolitano has turned the Homeland Security Department into an appendage of the Democratic Party. Her minions enforce certain laws while ignoring the breaking of other laws,” said Rodgers.

Following their meeting, Napolitano and Osorio Chong signed an agreement which they claimed provides a framework for the bi-national utilization of the U.S.-Mexico Cross Border Security Communications Network.

“This network will allow participating public safety and law enforcement organizations on both sides of the border to improve their responses to incidents of border violence,” according to DHS officials.

However, several police commanders said they are concerned with the sharing of intelligence with the Mexicans.

“Are we going to give them information on undercover investigations, Border Patrol deployments, investigative leads and other intelligence? Do we trust them when we’ve seen out own citizens steal classified documents and share them with the world?” asks former undercover police officer Iris Aquino.

Napolitano and Osorio Chong spoke of coordinating patrols conducted by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Mexico’s Federales (federal police).

Napolitano reminded reporters that in April she and Mexico’s government signed a Declaration of Principles Regarding Coordinated Operations to enhance law enforcement cooperation along the border between the U.S. Border Patrol and Mexico’s Federal Police  to detect and confront smuggling activities and transnational criminal organizations.

“Unfortunately, the topic of terrorism — especially Islamist terror organizations — was not broached by Napolitano and her staff members traveling in Mexico. The fact that reports of Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and other groups recruiting and training south of the U.S. border, doesn’t appear to be a concern of this DHS leader,” said Mike Baker, attorney and political strategist.

On Wednesday, Napolitano and her entourage will visit Mexico City and meet with members of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s cabinet in order to discuss “bi-national efforts to facilitate legitimate trade and travel, enhance information sharing and continue efforts to ensure a safer, more secure and more resilient global supply chain.”

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