Travon Martin was Obama’s Son, Maybe Major Hassan is His Cousin or Brother!

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– Major Hassan Could Have Been Obama’s Cousin or Brother –

FSM_dave-gaubatz_20090105By Dave Gaubatz ~

Obama previously said Travon Martin could have been his son, well based on how Obama and the DOD (which Obama is the Commander in Chief of) have handled the Hassan prosecution, Major Hassan may be Obama’s uncle.

Note: For those readers who don’t have a sense of understanding this title is satire and not to be taken literally) 

Major Hassan murdered numerous innocent people almost 4 years ago and he has yet to be prosecuted. Why?  I was an OSI Federal Agent for 15 plus years, and never once in the military did it ever take more than a few months to arrest, investigate, prosecute, convict, and for one to be booted out of the military and/or be sent immediately to prison.

There is no excuse for this case to drag out so long. Absolutely none.  This was not a workplace incident as Obama likes to say, this was an act of terrorism committed by a Muslim who was engaged in physical Jihad.

Thus far Major Hassan has continued to receive his monthly check which is near $5000.00 per month.  There is no reason for this.  Even if the murder trial was to drag on into the years, Major Hassan could have received various Article 15’s (non judicial punishment) for such things as his appearance (a beard he will not shave).  His Commander could take his monthly pay using the Article 15 action.  This would not have interfered with his murder trial.

I have been to almost every mosque in Texas, plus 250 others across America.  Islamic scholars (most from Saudi and Pakistan) lead these mosques and have very violent books, CD’s and DVD’s to provide to their worshippers.  Major Hassan and the other recent terrorists study this type material.

The only difference between Major Hassan and a million plus Muslims in America is that Major Hassan carried out what Islam teaches, and the others only have it in their heart to carry out such murderous acts.  There are many Major Hassan’s in America and there will be more murders similar to his.

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The Holy Month of Ramadan:

Qassam Rocket fired at Israeli Citizens

Qassam Rocket fired at Israeli Citizens

Ramadan is supposed to be a period in a Muslim’s life when they reflect, fast, pray, and overwhelm one other with peace and love.  Well this is the fallacy that Islamic leaders want you to believe.  In actuality Ramadan has always been the month that fighting, killing, and hate are the main ingredients.

The U.S. State Department has closed around 25 U.S. Embassies in the Muslim world due to expected violence by Al Qaeda.  Most are closed all the way through the peaceful period of Ramadan.
I have often asked myself when will our leaders understand that Islam is not a religion of peace?  After watching Obama for the last 5 years, it has became apparent he understands Islam and the Muslim mindset much better than most.  There is nothing going on pertaining to Islam that he does not understand.

Obama hates America and admires the Muslim Brotherhood.  The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to destroy Israel and America.  These are the same goals as Obama.  Sad, Sad, Sad..

Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 5 Aug 2013
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