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Today’s music video is Even The Bad Times Are Good, sung here in this clip by the English band The Tremeloes.

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When did all the fun go out of music?TheTremeloesEvenTheBadTimesAreGood

Luckily, here in Australia, we were more aligned with England than the U.S. when it came to music in the early 60’s. Because of that, our radio stations played all that wonderful music that was starting to come out of the UK as early as the late 50’s and early 60’s.

At a later time, early in 1964, the phenomenon came to the U.S. and became known at a later date as The British Invasion.

Here in Australia, it was almost wall to wall English music, and it was sometimes difficult to hear an American song. American music had become so structured, and that even started to filter into the rock and roll music at the time. Because there was just so much new music coming out of the UK, that was virtually all young teenagers of that time were listening to. There seemed to be a new band or artist, both male and female, every day. It was almost hard to keep up with.

This was  the time I started to notice and appreciate music as a young teenager. It was ubiquitous, absolutely everywhere. All that we as teenagers talked about was the music on the radio, and all of that talk was centered on the latest from England. I can’t recall anyone even mentioning anything from America at the time.

It became almost dizzying as new bands came onto the scene, and almost faster than people could get used to the latest, there was another new band.

In January of 1962, Brian Poole And The Tremeloes were signed to a record contract with another band The Beatles, by Decca. Decca were going to concentrate on the Brian Poole led band as there was talk that the Beatles might prove difficult, and The Beatles were centred around Liverpool and Decca wanted a band closer to the centre of their record operation in London.

The rest is history, as is always said, but The Tremeloes had a pretty good start to their career with a couple of minor hits, then a Top Five hit, and then a huge Number One in early 1963 with Do You Love Me. By now, The Beatles had become absolutely and astronomically huge, but The Tremeloes kept producing hits as well.

Brian Poole left the band in early 1966 to chase a solo career, which never happened. The Tremeloes just dropped The Brian Poole And part of the band’s name and just continued as The Tremeloes. They revised their lineup, and continued to pump out the hits, and in fact were more popular without Brian Poole than with him. They had nine hits in the Top Ten including their biggest hit, the wonderful song Silence Is Golden.

Immediately following that Monster Number One, the band released the song I have featured today, Even The Bad Times Are Good. The band was riding high a huge name in UK music with what was now a string of well recognised hit songs, and the fun the band had doing this song is shown in the audio clip backing this video today. Keep in mind that the dedicated Video clip was still something a long way into the future, so bands were just shown doing things and occasionally holding their instruments pretending to play along.

The Tremeloes had their last hit single in 1972, so they had a good ten year career as one of the top English bands from an era that produced just so much wonderful music, from so many wonderful bands.

How good is this? This clip is Silence Is Golden from the Tremeloes.

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