Early Morning Rantings Because I Can’t Sleep!

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~ Here’S My Early Morning Rantings Foisted On An Unsuspecting World, After 3-1/2 Hrs Sleep. ~

I started this about 3:30 AM and looked up links to web URL from my email and I am the world’s slowest typist!!! It’s mow 6 AM. Took only a 20 minute break.    😦     

Disclaimer I am not responsible for my ramblings, or any that my be insulted by, due to sleep deprivation.

I’d love to have a daytime temperature of the low 70’s year around, with a Dew Point below 65. This is a better measurement of humidity than the Relative Humidity (RH) or labelled as just ‘Humidity’ that is used in weather reports.  You can have a Relative Humidity of 91% yet it’s a comfortable Dew Point of 59.  A Dew Point above 65 feels muggy.

After about 8 pm I kept dozing off watching the boob tube.
I went to bed and fell asleep around 10 pm this past evening; awoke after 3-1/2 hrs.
I’m wide awake, so I thought I get on PC. That usually puts me to sleep quicker than the TV.
(Update: It didn’t work this time.)

A good part of it is that the TV is set at early morning daylight. If I were to guess I’d say that the Color Temperature is about 9,000 – 10,000 degrees Kelvin.
Midday is between 5500 to 6500 deg K. Kodak used to balance their films at 5500 deg K., and I think it was Fuji that used 6500 deg K.

I have all monitors set at either 5500 or 6500 deg K., depending what it has as one of the standard settings.
Then I have a evening setting, either a factory one or a custom one, at about 3400 deg K.

In the evening that really saves from eyestrain and keeps from wiping out the Melatonin.

Wow, I’m really talkative this early AM.    🙂   

In Central PA, according to the weather forecasters, we’re in for a mid to upper 90’s heatwave until a cold front drops from Canada over the weekend.  Normally we get this type of weather in Aug.  
Of course I trust weather forecaster a little bit more than Politicians!    🙂     

Let’s see; the scale from LESS TRUSTWORTHY at the bottom to more Trustworthy at the top, places most Politicians at the VERY BOTTOM; Next is the so-called ‘Black Leaders’ that are really Race-Baiters like Al Harpton, Jesse Jackson and others; Envior-Whackos and other so-called consumer groups; most Lawyers next up; used car salesman and in-store computer “experts” tied at 5th from the bottom of the pit; Weather Forecaster next up the scale. (It’s not usually their fault. Some areas is harder to forecast than others.)
That’s enough for now. You get the idea.

Oh, and Al Gore, et al, is so far down in the pit, that I think they’re sitting on Satan’s head.

The power companies have dropped our power a few time these past few weeks. I just hope and pray that it won’t knock out the compressors in the window ACs or the Fridge.

Well I’m off to see what new in the world today.

I see that Atlas Shrugs – has 18 new articles.
It wasn’t just ‘Skittles’ Trayvon was carrying according to ConservativeByte.com
(He was a violent druggie.)

The Conservative Treehouse has some very good insights.

MEMRITV Videos has uploaded video – Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Zoghbi Calls on Allah to Annihilate Jews and Shiites in a Friday Sermon
(These are the enemies of Israel and the USA that our tax dollars fund through The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR???? WHY? obama WHY?)

PJ Media has uploaded TRIFECTA Video – Trayvon Martin, the Battle Has Just Begun.

This is sick; BHO (the “White-Back” acting Prez) and DOJ are going after Zimmerman (the White-Hispanic) again.
(Such a corrupt White House we have. I want to puke. Wasn’t bad enough the BHO tried to influence the trial starting with his comment ‘if I had a son, I’d want him to look like Trayvon Martin’, and other crap!)

(A lot of emails from other Blogs re: whites and Hispanics getting beaten up by blacks because of Zimmerman’s acquittal.  More Barf.)

I like Thomas Sowell‘s article, sent to me by Michelle Malkin,
Is ths still America?“.
Have you read it?

Another of Sowell’s eye opening articles is:
Who Is Racist?

ACT for America has a great, almost unbelievable article:
Tucson schools taking MB-tainted money!

Here”s a new one: “FBI Top Stories: Self-Radicalized American Incited Violent Jihad Online“.
(From Conservative PA no less. These people are abusing our freedoms for stupid stuff like this.)

Info from our good friend and champion of the people – john droz, jr. physicist and environmental advocate.
AWED (Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions) is officially announcing its new website: WiseEnergy.org.

Oh, Al can’t sleep either. Wanted to tell me about a few news items he received.
(Hmm, maybe we’re having a ‘sleepless virus’ going around.)            🙂           

Government-Sponsored Race Riots? – Issue #76   (Capitol Hill Daily)

Most these you probably read already.
But I fell asleep at the PC about 7:30 PM and haven’t read anything on-line after that.

Ohh, I hate these BLACK KEYBOARDS with white lettering. Damn idiots. It’s so hard to read in dim light or when light is reflecting off them.
This is as bad as the dumb kids that use a black background with white lettering. I’ll bet they wouldn’t if they started on the first PCs that used that format, like I did.
I personally switched to a more expensive monitor using BLACK letters on a TAN background. Soooo much easier on the eyes.
Why do some PC Nerds insist on going back to CRAP?

VJ’s Mid-Week News Roundupis worthwhile reading to see how our Jewish friends are doing in GOD’s promised land.
Remember: GOD said to Israel ‘I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you.’  (I’m paraphrasing)

(Hey have you read any of Granny Guerrilla? She’s funny and right on with her stories.)

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“White House Prison Escape”

Fact or Fiction: Encryption Prevents Digital Eavesdropping

UNBELIEVABLE! Prof claims God is a white racist!
(Another puke story.  If you don’t like that word substitute one of these: disgusting, contemptible, repulsive or worthless.)

I was just thinking; should publish this rambling nonsense?