Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Cools On Global Warming. To Cut The Carbon Tax

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

During his first time round as Prime Minister of Australia in 2007, Kevin Rudd said that global warming was “the great moral challenge of our generation”.

Now he is doing an Abbott, axing the tax (albeit replacing it with a lower price through emissions trading):

KEVIN Rudd will announce plans to scrap the carbon tax within days as he clears the decks for an election.

The decision could slash electricity bills by up to $150 a year for families spending $2000 annually, assuming a floating price for carbon emissions as low as $6 per tonne.

Federal cabinet has agreed to fast-track the planned introduction of an emissions trading scheme to July 1, 2014…

Australia had previously planned to move from the current fixed-price carbon tax on the biggest polluters – much of which is passed on to consumers through higher utility prices – to an emissions trading scheme, where the price is determined by the market, by July 2015.

The planned shift from a fixed to a floating price threatens to blow a massive hole in the federal budget, costing billions of dollars a year.

The government will claim the shift is “revenue neutral”, with tough spending cuts to offset reduced revenue.

Oppsition Leader Tony Abbott demands more:

‘’Mr Rudd can change the name but whether it is fixed or floating, it is still a carbon tax,’’ the Opposition Leader said….  ‘’Only the Coalition will do the right thing by families to reduce their cost of living by scrapping the carbon tax, lock, stock and barrel.’’

Now for the fun in seeing all the Labor MPs and the Left embracing the destruction of what they once swore we needed. Pretending to be wise as they retreat from their stupidity.

But politically this is smart. It shows the advantage of Labor being led by a populist prepared to ditch anything for cheap votes.

Next he’ll announce he’s turning back the boats.


I’m now watching Federal Treasurer Chris Bowen on Meet the Press telling us the carbon tax should go to meet “cost of living” pressures. Telling us that switching to world prices – now just under $6 a tonne – will cut our power bills, and that this is good.

I’m gobsmacked by the utter gall. Astonished that the reporters just nod at the latest version of wisdom from Labor.

This from the Labor Government which earlier:

– passed the carbon tax precisely to increase electricity prices and make us cut emissions,

– spent the last year claiming the carbon tax wasn’t actually a big deal in driving up power prices, anyway.

– swore Australia’s carbon tax wasn’t ahead of the rest of the world, and world prices would soon match it.

– insisted global warming was “the great moral challenge of our generation”, requiring a carbon tax set at a minimum of $23 a tonne to drive the cuts in emissions we needed.

All crap, from a party of liars.

This latest change dumps what Labor wrought just a year ago, at amazing expense and accompanied by massive government advertising. And we’re supposed to applaud its wisdom now that it’s proved an expensive disaster?

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