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Today’s music video is The Blizzard, sung here in this clip by legendary American singer, Jim Reeves.

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This video was posted to You Tube by Katy Morton

I have often mentioned that I have a large collection of LP records, around 400+. Some years back now, I despaired that I would not be able to play these again, as record players had gone somewhat out of fashion, luckily something that did not eventuate.

I did however find a way to turn all those records into a digital format with the help of a good computer program.

Jim ReevesWhile I was doing this, a process that took me ten Months, my good lady wife also asked if I could do the same for some of the records in her collection, and I did this also. She had a large collection of Jim Reeves LP records, around a dozen of them in all, and during the process, I realised that Jim Reeves was one of those enduring artists who would have had a huge career no matter when it was. His era was a little before I came to appreciate music, in the early and mid 60’s so his style of music was not one that appealed to me all that much at the time.

The more I heard his songs as I was doing the conversion task, the more I came to the understanding that his was one of those voices that was just so smooth, and in fact, quite appealing.

I never realised just how big a name his was, and just how popular he really was.

While he had a long, well, a very long, string of huge hits on the Country charts, he crossed over into the mainstream of music charts as well, and sung what is arguably one of Country Music’s greatest songs, He’ll Have To Go, not only a massive hit on the Country Charts but also on the Mainstream Music charts as well.

It’s always so easy to select a singer’s really big hit to play for this regular music Post I have here, but I usually prefer to try and find a song that may not have been such a huge hit for the artist, but is still representative of the style of the artist’s songs, and such is the case with this song.

The song I have featured today is The Blizzard, taken from his 1961 album, Tall Tales And Short Tempers. The song was written by Harlan Howard, who penned so many of the wonderful, and memorable Country songs from the 50’s and 60’s, for a range of Country singers.

It’s a sad and touching song and Jim’s voice is just perfect for this type of song.

Sadly, Jim was taken from us in 1964 when his career was stretching out in front of him. Some might say that the coming British Invasion may have signalled the end of his career, but a voice like this could have gone on for years. Many of his songs are still played today, testimony to just how enduring the voice of Jim Reeves really was.

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