Jubilation in Egyptian TV Studios following Morsi’s Ouster – Video

Posted on Thu 07/04/2013 by


Gee, Egyptians are smarter and more gutsy than our “exalted leader” Obama, our Congress, our Leftist News Media and the majority of our American people.  Wow! How did this happen to this great country of ours?

Don’t you think it’s about time we Americans got off our ‘couch-potato’ butts and make a stand for real Freedom is this country? This is America’s Independence Day. If you lived in the days of our American Revolution would you be as complacent as you are now? What are you doing now? Are you just sitting back and letting our American Heroes sacrifices for our Freedom gradually fade away due to your lack of backbone? 

You can start by emailing, calling, writing or visiting your Congressman/woman and let him know how you feel. Keep your representative’s feet to the fire. Be persistent!

Islamist President Mohammed Morsi was ousted by the Egyptian people; isn’t it about time we ousted our Islamist President Barack Hussein Obama?

As my non-intellectual friend said “If you don’t stand up for your rights, you’ll get stood on.”

Do I need to translate that for you?

The Muslim Brotherhood, that Morsi belongs to, is one of many a Terrorist Organizations operating in this country and abroad. Did you know that? CAIR is another big one. These organizations finance Jihadists (Muslim Terrorist groups) and use American money to do so!