Australian Greens Party Just 90 Per Cent Brainless

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Australian Greens Party Leader Senator Christine Milne

Australian Greens Party Leader Senator Christine Milne

The Greens haven’t said where they’d find the money, how much power prices would soar. how many Australians would lose their jobs and what difference all this pain would actually make to the temperature.

All we get is the sound of ommmm:

The Greens have launched a pitch to increase Australia’s renewable energy target to 90 per cent by 2030 and tip an extra $20 billion into Australia’s clean energy finance corporation…

Greens leader Christine Milne said the minor party wanted to see all of Australia’s electricity come from renewable energy sources as soon as possible….

A study by the Australian Energy Market Operator released in April found … moving to a 100 per cent renewable energy system would cost $219 billion to $338 billion and require wholesale electricity prices to double from current rates….

Senator Milne said the Greens proposed the extra money would come from borrowing – which would sit off the government’s budget – and would detail how to pay for the interest on the extra money in its yet to be released election policy costings.

Green is the color of inexperience and irresponsibility.

TonyfromOz adds…..

this has generated a lot of discussion here in Australia. In reply to a comment at the Australian site JoNova, I explained at this link how this target is totally unobtainable at any cost.

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